Free Software to Route PC Traffic through TOR Network with SecurDNS

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OnionFruit is a free software to route PC traffic through TOR network. It lets you use a TOR exit node from any country and help you secure DNS by routing DNS requests TOR. It supports TOR bridges to circumvent censorship and lets you make a connection of over a Socks proxy. You just run it and then leave it, it will automatically divert all internet traffic through TOR network.

You will not get complete anonymity with the default setup because to do that, you need advanced knowledge of internet security. But this software here will help you provide a secure layer that you can use to bypass your ISP’s spying tools.

If you want to access TOR network without using TOR browser then it might be a good option. For example, if you want to access TOR specific sites in Chrome or Edge then this software will come in handy. Another use case is in application testing. If you are a programmer and developing some application that uses TOR then it will help you test that app.

Free Software to Route PC Traffic through TOR Network with SecurDNS

Free Software to Route PC Traffic through TOR Network with SecurDNS

Download OnionFruit from here and then simply run it. Its main interface will show up at the bottom right side and from there you only have to enable it. But before that, you can opt to choose a country of your choice as an exit node. After selecting country from the list, it will connect, and you can start browsing.

OnionFruit Connect to TOR

Now, you can verify the country on a website like

My Location showing prooof of onionfruit

This is the simple and straightforward use of the software. There are some other advanced settings in it that you can take advantage of. One such tool is SecurDNS. This comes in this software built in, and this tool aims to route DNS queries through TOR network. You can enable it from the settings if you want to use.

Onion Fruit DNSOnionFruit TOR Bridges and Proxy

Next thing you can do in the software is configuring proxy and TOR bridges. You just get the TOR bridges line entries from the official TOR website and the paste them. For proxy, you will have to provide the host and corresponding credentials to connect to it.

In this way, you can use this simple and powerful software on Windows to route all traffic through TOR. It keeps running in the background, and you can run it every time with a different configuration to make sure that you don’t leave any traceable patterns on the internet.

Final words:

If you are on Windows then you can simply install OnionFruit and then browser internet securely. As I mentioned before that it doesn’t guarantee because that depends on how will you use it. If you are looking for ways to access TOR network from any other browser than Mozilla or want to do some testing on TOR network then you will like this software here. Just give it a try and let me know what you think.

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