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Yet another free web-based gif animator that enables you to create an animated gif file online and download it instantly. Gif animations are well-known to those who deal with the creation of banners and animated advertisements. I am quite sure that in some or the other way almost all of you must have come across with an animated moving picture either in the form of advertising or just as the part of some website.

GIF aka Graphic Interchange Format is the format of an animated file. For example: If you create moving animated shoot like a video out of your still photos, then the format of that animated file is .gif. It is quite an innovative technique of converting your old still memories to a moving story. At the commercial side, it is a great tool for making your advertisements more attention seeking. You just need to upload a couple of images that you like, change the parameters and the animator will then combine them into one GIF file.

Yesterday only I was trying  to create a GIF and after creating a short animation, I got extremely excited to share my animation with you. Believe me, making an animated GIF is easier than you think.  All you need to have is an internet connection.

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How To Create Animated GIF?

  • Go onto the website
  • Click on “New Animation”
  • Click on “Upload Images”. One by one upload few images with which you want to make a gif.
  • Type a name you want to give to your animation.
  • Enter frame interval in milliseconds. However, this step is optional. You can leave the default one as it is.
  • Enter the animation width and height in pixels. This step is optional too. You can leave it blank. The system will find a maximal size based on added frames.
  • Check the box if you want your animation to be recycled and shown in gallery.
  • Once you are finished with all the above steps, click on “Create” to view your animation.

You will be able to view your animation immediately in no time. This free online gif animator facilitates you with an option of changing the order of your uploaded images simply by dragging and dropping frames. In addition, you can also delete unwanted frames by pressing the “X” button and can upload new images.


As the application is simple and quick, you can use it for any purpose. Moreover you get the preview window when it has finished creating gif. In case you did not like the created animation, you can still make some changes on the same webpage and once you are satisfied with your changes, click on “Save Changes”.

The service also gives you a URL of your gif so that you can use it for online sharing like posting it on your Twitter and Facebook wall, your web site or directly email it to your friends.

You can also check some more animators reviewed by us.  Do not miss to check how to convert YouTube to Animated GIF reviewed by us.

In short, gif animator is free web service to create unlimited animated gifs online and download it quickly. Go ahead and try making your own animated pictures….Its pretty cool!!

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