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GICKR is a free web application where, you can instantly create an animated GIF online and can download it immediately. You just need to upload couple of images that you like, else there is an option to grab pictures from Flicker as well. Thereafter, animator will combine them into one GIF file. Although, there are various websites that provide all such features of creating GIFs, however, what makes Gickr unique is that you can create GIF using YouTube Links also. Apart from Flicker and YouTube it also works with Picasa.

With GICKR, you can create funny flashy slideshow using different cartoons, previews, cricketers and so on. You can even post them into various social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. sharing these animated videos with your friends and loved ones too.

GIFs are for very small and short animations. It has a limited number of colors, which can make pictures look funny. You can convert your video into a .Mpeg or something similar like .Avi .Wmv or .Mov.

Gickr gives you a option to select the speed at which you want your photos to be played. The extra alluring features that GICKR offers make it worth trying out:

  • Upload content from your computer, Flickr or YouTube.
  • Select speed (Normal, Slow, Fast, Slideshow).
  • Get direct image link
  • Free, no registration.

However, one thing which I would really appreciate is the increase in the number of images to create one GIF file. So far, the website supplies restrictive number of images creating per GIF. You can add upto 10 images at one time.

I personally tried to create a GIF using GICKR and after creating a short animation, I got extremely excited to share it with you. Making an animated GIF has never been easier.

How to create a GIF using

  • On the website, you will see the following page:


  • You can see various options available at top wherein you can select as to from where would you want to upload photos such as – Flickr, YouTube, Picasa and so on.
  • After selecting the way through which you want to upload photos, you need to upload photos or in case of YouTube to GIF you need to add link and in Flickr, you need to tag photos and enter username.
  • Then you need to select the size of the GIF you are creating. In addition, just next to “Size” is the “Number of frames”. Hence, select the number of frames  accordingly
  • Click on “continue”
  • You will soon find your created GIF
  • Just click on “download” and the animated GIF will be right in your PC. Meanwhile, You can take a look at my GIF image:


In a nutshell, GICKR gives a lot of help to the world of animation. You can immediately create animated gif images anytime and anywhere. Head over to the website and let others appreciate you creativity.

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