Free LEGO Mosaic Maker from Photos: Legoaizer

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Legoaizer is a free LEGO mosaic creator from photos within a few clicks. This freeware lets you create LEGO mosaic of any photo of your choice. It’s not just about simply adding a photo and getting a mosaic, but it also provides lots of other advanced options.

You can adjust mosaic size, color library, define your own set of colors, edit individual brick, etc.. It also displays number of colors used and gives you the choice of using any or all of the colors in your mosaic. You can also save or print mosaic with one click.

LEGO Mosaic Creator

Using this Free LEGO Mosaic Maker from Photos:

Install the Legoaizer on your PC and launch it. When you will launch the Legoaizer, you will see the interface as shown in the screenshot posted below. You can import the photo of your choice by using the File option at top left corner.

Legoaizer Interface

When you have imported the photo, you can use following tools to create best LEGO mosaic: Mosaic Size, Colour Matching, Colour Filters, Edit Tables, Picture Library, Preferences, Show Cost, Show Amount, and Show Builder.

Mosaic Size: Choose the mosaic size as per your choice. You can adjust the horizontal and vertical studs, baseplate size, and thresholds.

Mosaic Size

Colour Match: Use it to match the colors of the resultant mosaic with the colors of the photo added by you. You can choose from Grayscale, Full Color, or Color Dithered. You can also choose the color sorting as Hue, RGB, Perceptive, or Original.

Color Match

Colour Filters: Adjust the colour  filters by varying the colour weights and filter box. Under color weights, you can adjust Red weight factor, Green weight factor, and Blue weight factor.

Color Filters

Preferences: Set the preferences for the mosaic to be created such as Depth Intensity, Output Size Multiplier, Shade Color Depth, Autosave, Saved File Format, Currency for showing cost per number of bricks, etc.. You can provide the number of bricks as per your choice.


Show Cost: Use it to see the Cost of LEGO brick per color. It means you can check the cost of LEGO brick of each color if you will make that mosaic in reality using LEGO bricks.

Show Cost

Show Amount: This option is somewhat like Show Cost option, but it displays the amount of LEGO brick per color.

Show Amount

Using these options, you can create LEGO mosaic very easily and with no complications. The freeware also displays a list of all colors used in creating a mosaic on the left side. You can choose to deselect any of the colors and choose to create a mosaic again and again.

When you are done with your LEGO mosaic, you simply need to click on the File option and choose Save Mosaic.

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Final Verdict:

Legoizer is a good LEGO mosaic creator for Windows which makes it really easy to create LEGO mosaic.  I also loved different customization features and other tools which it provides along with mosaic conversion. Do give it a try.

Get Legoizer here.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 7 Average: 2.1]
Works With: Windows
Free/Paid: Free

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