Free Break Reminder That Reminds You To Take Break From Long Sessions

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Scirocco Take a Break is a free break reminder tool that reminders you to take rest in equal intervals from continuous desktop sessions, to stay healthy. This free break reminder basics aims on protecting your health, that may get effected by vigorous working hours. It provides audio and visual alerts that reminder you to take break after every 1 hour, for 10 minutes.

You can easily customize your preferences and adjust Timers, Snooze time, Visual alerts, Audio alerts, Tray Icon, and almost everything. It has the ability to record work time, break time, and Total time, and displays all in form of statistics. In addition, it lets you set desired WAV file of your choice, as audio alerts. Not only that, it provides you on-break security options, to protect and avoid unwanted access.

Scirocco Take a Break interface

Nowadays, we sit for long durations in front of the computer screen without moving from there. Unknowingly, we hurt our eyes,wrists, shoulders, etc. To avoid repetitive-stress injuries, periodic short breaks becomes necessary. Scirocco Take a Break, is one such break reminder software, that’ll help you reduce stress that comes by sitting for long in front of desktop screen, so that you can remain fit and healthy. You can also checkout other similar software, that we reviewed earlier.

How To Use This Free Break Reminder To Avoid Health Problems

Scirocco Take a Break is a free break reminder software that can be grabbed from the link provided to at the end of this article. It takes few seconds to install this freeware.

scirocco Take a Break-System tray icon

Soon after installation, it sits in your system tray and the timer begins from that moment itself.

After completion of 1 hour, it provides visual as well as audio alert to notify, to take break for 10 minutes.

Scirocco Take a Break-Break alert

It provides three options: Restart Timer, Take a break, and Stop timer. I decided to choose “Take a break” option.

Scirocco Take a Break-Break Timer

The break timer begins from that time, displaying the remaining break time. On completion of the break, it again notifies you telling “Your break is over”.

Scirocco Take a Break-Restart timer

In case, you are pursuing some important task or watching a movie, you can opt to click on “Stop Timer” button, to avoid periodic alerts. But if you don’t get bothered by these break alerts, then you can go ahead and click “Restart Timer.

The best part of this free break reminder is that, it records total time that you’ve spent working in front of desktop screen. It smartly calculates and displays work time and break time in form of statistics.

Scirocco Take a Break-statistics

To customize this break reminder software, you can access “Options”. You can then set the appearance, depending on how and when you wish to see the timer commence its action. You can proceed further and opt for “Preferences”, for more.

scirocco Take a Break-Options & Preferences

You can now customize the Main Timer, Break Timer, Snooze Time, and Snooze Limit Count. It lets you set visual alerts, and at the same time provides you predefined sound with preview sound feature, to set audio alert. Not only that, it lets you browse audio WAV files from your computer to set custom sound.

Another interesting customization feature offered by this rest timer software is that it has the ability to lock workstation or start screensaver, immediately on the commencement of break timer. This provides security when you’re away from your system

My Verdict About Scirocco Take a Break:

I thoroughly enjoyed having Scirocco Take a Break on my PC, as it allows me set my own choice of wav file for audio alerts. The statistics also motivate you to take regular breaks to remain fit and healthy. I would highly recommend this free rest timer software, to all those users who spent most of their time in front of desktop screen.

Get Scirocco Take a Break here.

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