Windows 10 Home Budget Management App: Manage Income, Expenses

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HomeBudgetViewer is a free Windows 10 home budget management app which lets you manage your income and expenses. The app lets you make entries everyday. You can enter the expenses that you make everyday and at the end of the month you can see a summary of what all expenses you made. The app will also show you a pie chart of your income versus your expenditure. You can easily find areas where you can cut your expenses for saving more money.

The Windows 10 home budget management app can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store or from the link given at the end of this article. When you start the app you will first be asked to enter a name for your budget and select a currency of your choice. This can be seen in the screenshot below.

Enter a profile name here which can be your name, or anything. Then choose a currency from the drop down box. Once that is done click the add button to create the profile. Now you will be taken to your app dashboard which will look like the screenshot below.

On the dashboard you have button to add new entries, see a overview, see summary, see statistics, change settings, etc. Same menu is also available through the three horizontal bar icon given on the top left side. Click the add button which will bring up the window to add new entries, as shown in the screenshot below.

On this screen enter the dollar amount using the calculator. Then select whether it goes in the income column or expense column. Select the date you made this income or expense on. Add a description of this entry so you remember when you refer to it later. After this click the assign button to add this entry.

You can see a summary of all your entries as shown in the screenshot below.

There is also a pie chart to show you your income and expenses. You can sort this summary by month, or day. The settings tab of the app lets you make a few changes like change the language or the theme of the app.

Apart from this you can also add new profiles in the app, you can also update or delete the current profile you have.

Features of this personal finances management app:

  • Manage income and expenses.
  • Choose currency.
  • View monthly, daily, statistics.
  • See monthly summary.
  • Add entries date wise.
  • Available in 2 languages.
  • Theme can be changed to light or dark.


HomeBudgetViewer is a nice app to manage your income and expenses. You can see how much you have earned in the whole month versus what you have spent in the whole month. This will help you plan your monthly budget and savings in a better way. Just enter the expenses you make everyday in the app and at the end of the month view a summary of expenses. This will also help you in planning a better budget as you can cut down on spending in unnecessary places.

Check out HomeBudgetViewer for Windows 10 here.

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