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Here is a free online Internet Speed Test tool that checks various aspects based on which your Internet connection speed is measured. It checks for latency/ping (time taken by a packet to travel from source to destination), packet loss, upload and download speeds. Based on the results, you can check if your internet connection is working fine or you should call for some assistance.

This tool also provides details of the result. You can check details for Round Trip Time, Download Quality, Upload Quality, and Internet Quality (includes the percentage of packet loss). A graph is also plotted for all these points automatically. I also checked the reliability of this tool (by measuring internet connection speed using Speedtest by Oakla and other tools) and based on that, I can say it generates satisfactory results.

online internet speed tool

There is one more interesting feature that I like a lot. This tool, based on the test and details, shows how good your internet connection is for Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, Gaming, Skype Video, and Live Streaming. You can see the screenshot below where it shows results for different video streaming sites.

connection speed for video streaming sites

How To Use This Free Online Internet Speed Test Tool?

The tool is very easy to use. There is no sign up or other things needed. Just open the homepage of this tool and you will see four different options: LATENCY/PING, DOWNLOAD SPEED, UPLOAD SPEED, and PACKET LOSS. These are the four tests based on which it checks the internet speed. Just press TEST NOW button to begin the test. It is good to close rest of the tabs of the browser and other applications (that consume internet) for better results.

begin the test

It takes a bit of time to complete the test. You can also explore test details to learn more. Just scroll down the page and for every single aspect, it gives details as well as a graph.

description and graph

This way, you can better understand the result.

Finally, there will be a Conclusion, which shows a graph related to which sites are supported for your internet connection and which sites are not recommended.

The Verdict:

Comparing this tool with other similar speed test sites, I can say it is a good internet speed test tool. Also, where other sites show only ping time, download and upload speeds, this tool gives a lot of other information. I also like the feature of showing if your internet speed is good for video streaming sites or not. You can give a try to this tool.

Try this tool.

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