Free Online Dating Service For People Who Like Same Music: Tastebuds

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Tastebuds is an online dating service for people who like same music. This website will show people near your area who have same music taste like that of yours.

Tastebuds in my opinion means buddies having same taste. This online dating service is different from other dating sites on the internet. Input the artists and songs that you like most and this website will automatically search for people, who have the same music taste like yours. Enjoy this new way approach to date others.

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Get Started With Tastebuds:

Tastebuds is a different kind of online dating service. In any dating website you will be asked for your personal details and various other activities you are interested in. But in Tastebuds you get a chance to meet people who have the same taste in music like yours. Meet people who like same music artists and albums.

Just visit the website and create a login or preferably login with your Facebook account. Choose a username which doesn’t exist in the website and get started.Let’s see the steps to get started:

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Step 1: Just give your login details and choose a username.

Step 2: Choose the music you like and if you have logged in with your Facebook account then all the music pages that you liked will be added automatically.

Step 3: Choose the songs that you are listening currently.

Step 4: Choose the photos that you want to display or just upload them from your computer and you’re done.

As soon as you complete the above four steps then you will see the people near your area; who have almost the same music taste. You can set whether you are interested in men or women. Set the location of the country in which you want to search for dating partners. You can set the age limit by just dragging the bars. You can set the advanced filters also in terms of nationality and looking for. You can also set artists filter to filter friends or dating partner according to music you like. I realized that there are more users in United States and united Kingdom location.

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Features of This Online Dating Service:

Let’s check out the cool features of Tastebuds:

  • Search for partners according to area, age, gender, etc.
  • Listen to others favorite songs.
  • Click the radio button on your homepage and you can listen to radio service hosted by others.
  • You can post status updates or see others activity.
  • If anyone visits your profile you get a notification in Facebook and Tastebuds account.
  • You can have a private chat in the Tastebuds website with others.
  • The interface is similar to Facebook; you can like others music or status, comment, and post.
  • You can invite your Facebook friends or other friends too.

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Try Tastebuds if you want to date people in a different way and if you love music more than anything else. I found some good friends in Tastebuds, it’s up to you now. You can also try other dating website Smart date and free dating apps for iPhone.

Click here to visit Tastebuds Website.

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