Free Multi Channel Inbox for Facebook, Telegram, SMS, Google Play

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In this article, you will read about the free multi-channel inbox for Facebook, Telegram, SMS, Google Play as much more.

Today in the digital world, most of the world is connected to various online platform businesses, work, and social interactions. There previously defined social channels have now become the stop for many online small businesses.

With this keeping in mind, there are a lot of people who are always struggling with reposing to one or other queries in those various channels. The more digital communication platforms are connected with your business, the more time to regularly check and respond to those requests. For this struggle, there is an easy solution: Sociocs.

Free Multi-Channel Inbox for Facebook, Telegram, SMS, Google Play

Sociocs is a multi-channel integrated free inbox tool that connects almost all the communication channels for better response timing and management. This platform connects the messaging feature of your various communication channels at one place, so you have better visibility of all the messages coming across various platforms.

This tool is available as the web application, android application as well as an iOS application and is completely free to use. To test this tool, I have used a web application platform and you can start by clicking here.

Here, you can simply start by signing up with your Gmail address and start using the application right away. After this, you can type in the business name in the next step.

Business Name

In the following step, you simply need to mention which all platforms you want to connect to this application. Here current platforms that you can connect to are Facebook, Forms, Google Play, Google Reviews & Questions, SMS, Telegram Messenger, and Viber Messenger. These platforms provide you with all the necessary options to connect the channel which can also be integrated to your website if you want.

Choose Communication platforms

Apart from these platforms, there are four other messaging applications coming soon to be integrated into this application, which are Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Youtube.

Continue chat across platforms

Once you are done adding the channel, you can simply click on “Home” to see the messages from different platforms mentioned in the chat. Here, you can reply to the message, archived, or outbound the conversation as per your need.

That’s it, now you simply start engaging in the seamless conversation from different platforms in one place.

In brief

Sociocs is a simple to use multi-channel free inbox application that can be used either on Laptop or PC or your phone, that connects various communication channels as per your choice with your profile. This platform can become a single stop platform for all your future communications on different platforms with different profiles across the globe.

Try this application here.

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