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Ink361 (formerly known as Inkstagram) is a free online Instagram web viewer. It provides an elegant interface to browse your Instagram photos, explore photos of your followers, following people, like and comment on photos etc. The interface of this website is far better and useful than Instagram web app. You will be provided a Deck where you can add columns to view Instagram Feed, My Photos, Popular photos, of photos of any user simultaneously.

Apart from this, this free Instagram web viewer has two unique features: Map Viewer and Album Creator. Map viewer is handy to find all the Instagram photos which have been uploaded with geotags, and Album Creator lets you generate custom albums to organize your Instagram photos. However, do note that albums are published to your Ink361 account only, and not on Instagram.

Ink361- interface

In the screenshot above, you can see the ‘Deck’ where I have added desired columns to view Instagram photos.

Other similar Instagram web viewers are: Iconosquare and Statigram.

Other Key Features of This Free Instagram Web Viewer are:

There are many other interesting features which are not available in Instagram web app or other similar websites. These are:

  • Map: This feature is handy to view all photos (with geotag) on a map. You can explore photos available all over the world. Click on Map option, as visible in the screenshot below, to explore photos on the map.
    map viewer
  • Create Custom Albums: This is a fantastic feature to organize your photos. Access Albums option available in You Section. After this, you will find an option create a new album and move desired photos to that particular album. You can also make your album private or public and then publish it.
    create album to add photos and publish
  • Backup your Instagram photos to PC. However, only 50 photos can be backed up using the free plan. You can extend this limit by sharing a tweet and adding a post to your Facebook account (50 each). Or else, you can switch to the pro account to backup 1000 images and get more features. Use Profile icon to access Backup my Photos option.
    backup your photos If you want, you can also use some other free websites to backup your Instagram photos.
  • Option to view all your Likes is also available.
  • You can add any user to ‘Circle‘. This will help to easily categorize and access feeds of different users separately.
  • View list of your Instagram followers as well as following.
  • It also generates Stats to get Account overview, Post History, View Ratings, Tags, Geolocation, Likes Received, and more. Beautiful charts are generated to view Stats.
    view your statistics

How To Use This Free Instagram Web Viewer?

The very first thing to do is go to its homepage and login with your Instagram account. After this, you will come to the dashboard of your Ink361 account. You will find multiple sections which will help to easily explore photos and perform other tasks. Have a look at some of the important sections:

Your INK361 Deck:

One of the most important section is ‘Deck‘. Here, you can add multiple columns to view feed, your own photos, other people photos, etc. This feature is quite similar to Tweetdeck (Twitter management website) feature. For each individual columns, you can also use option to view only photos or videos. To add desired columns, you can use ‘+’ button.


Feed Section:

By default, Feed section shows all of your Instagram Feed. However, you can create custom Circles and add any users to different circles for better organizing and viewing the feeds.

Feed section

View Your Photos & Videos, Likes, Stats, etc:

It is the most important section which lets you see your own photos & videos, your Instagram followers, following people, your Likes, and Instagram Stats. Option to create albums to organize photos is also available in this section.

view own photos and videos

Explore Popular Photos & Videos:

There is a Popular section which is very handy to explore what is popular on Instagram, see latest images, discover photographers, most popular tags on Instagram, and more.

Popular section


There are tons of options and so much to explore in this free Instagram web viewer. Generating the stats, Your own Deck, and view your followers are some fantastic features which I like a lot. I can whole heartedly recommend this free Instagram web viewer to all of you.

Use Ink361 for free.

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