5 Best Free Grooveshark Alternative Services

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Here is a list of 5 best Free Grooveshark Alternative Services.

Grooveshark was one of the most popular music uploading and streaming services out there. Unfortunately, it has been shut down recently due to copyright infringement. Keeping that in mind, I have created this list of best and free Grooveshark alternative services. These music services let you upload and share your own music or audio tracks, discover music of various artists, DJs, etc.

You will also be able to download music tracks of other users, can follow users, create playlists, etc. Most of these music services also come with their desktop client and smartphone apps. These services can also automatically block illegal music uploaded by you or any other user, so you should avoid uploading copyrighted music.


YourListen.com- unlimited music streaming service

YourListen.com is a fantastic music streaming service that I personally like a lot. It offers unlimited music streaming and discovering latest sound tracks and music provided by podcasters, Musicians, DJ’s, etc. You can also upload unlimited number of audio tracks and music. While uploading an audio file, options to set privacy, enable/disable download for that track, add tags, set rights are also available. Moreover, if you are already selling your audio tracks on some services, say Amazon, Juno, iTunes, etc., then you can also insert links to those services.

It supports 14 different file formats, such as: .mp3, .aac, .ac3, .amr, .mmf, .m4a, .ra, .ogg, .wav, .mid, etc. It also provides feature to share your music on Facebook, Twitter, personal website, and more.

Dashboard of your account is neatly structured which is another great feature. You will be easily see your Uploads, Followers, Likes, Following people, Playlist songs, and Activities.

This Grooveshark alternative service also comes with features to follow any YourListen user, download tracks (if option is enabled), like, add to playlist, and add comments. You won’t regret using this music streaming service. It is surely a better alternative to Grooveshark.


SoundCloud- free online social sound platform

SoundCloud (free subscription plan) is the widely used social sound platform where artists and other users can upload their digital audio tracks. You can also listen to sound tracks of any user and explore more and more music. Moreover, you can also follow other people, like music tracks to add to favorites, and add comment to any part of the audio track.

While uploading or recording your music, you also have the choice whether you want to make your music public or private, enable download or not, and display/hide embed code, etc. It supports MP3, FLAC, MP2, WMA, AMR, etc. formats. With this free plan, you can upload or record up to 3 hours (180 minutes) sound track, and add details to that particular track. You need to upgrade to premium plan(s) for more benefits. It is surely a straightforward alternative to Grooveshark.

Full review is here.


Last.fm- homepage

Last.fm is also a very popular music website where you can discover music by artist, album, and track. You can also upload your own music (without any limit) using its Music Manager feature. However, you must upload MP3 files with 128 kbps bitrate or above.

Last.fm also suggest you music based on tracks played by you using its Scrobbling feature. It provides desktop client and other apps to connect with your media players and update your Last.fm profile based on music played by you. This is also helpful to give you music recommendations.

There are many other features that makes it a good alternative to Grooveshark. For example, you can find nearby events to join, check listeners of a particular artist, explore Charts to find top tracks, hyped tracks, top artists, etc.


Jamendo- interface

Jamendo is one of the best Grooveshark alternatives and strong competitor of rest of the other music services available in this list. Music of this website comes under Creative Commons Licenses. It is a community of music lovers and independent artists where you can stream as well as download unlimited number of MP3s (for personal use) or music tracks. No sign up is needed to stream and download music.

After creating your free account, you can also upload unlimited music tracks. You can upload AIFF, FLAC, and WAV (44.1 kHz/48 kHz, 16 bit/24 bit, 1 or 2 channels) files and maximum size per file is 480 MB. You can also add other users’ music to favorites or to desired playlist, discover and search music, and share music with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.



Myspace is the last Grooveshark alternative in this list. Here, you can sign up or login with Facebook for a free account, and can upload your music tracks. Maximum file size per file is 1 GB and total free storage provided to you is 2 GB. You can upload FLAC, MP3, AIF, AAC, and WAV format audio tracks.

Apart from this, you can also discover Featured tracks, Videos, People, Music, etc., by entering the artist’s name or genre. There are some special features also provided by this service. For example, you can connect with users to chat, update your status (like Twitter and Facebook), upload photos and videos to your account, etc. So, if you are happy with these features of this website, then it can be a good Grooveshark alternative for you.

Other alternatives covered by us include: IDM Alternatives, Amazon Cloud Drive Alternatives, and HootSuite Alternatives.


That’s the end of my list of the best free Grooveshark alternative services. In this whole list, I was highly impressed by ‘YourListen.com’ that brings pretty interesting features. You can give any of these Grooveshark alternatives a shot and share your experience.

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