How to Filter Instagram Feed for Specific Words

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This tutorial covers how to filter Instagram feed for specific words. You can first add a particular Instagram user to a list and then add custom words of your choice to use as the filters. After that, only those posts that contain such words or hashtags in the captions are visible in the feed. This makes your Instagram feed more meaningful and clutter free. Instead of scrolling feed to skip irrelevant content, you can make your Instagram feed to show only those posts which matter to you the most.

To filter Instagram feed for specific words, I have covered a free online service. It is called “Filtergram“. This service doesn’t apply the changes to Instagram directly. Instead, it provides its own interface where you can see the Instagram feed with only specific words and people.

Filtergram- instagram feed is filtered with specific words only

In the screenshot added above, you can see the main interface of this service where it is showing the posts related to specific words and person added by me.

Note: A few times, it failed to add some user and also it was not able to show posts for a few words. I guess this is a bug that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

How to Filter Instagram Feed for Specific Words?

Step 1: Open the homepage of this service and then create your free account.

Step 2: Now go to “FOLLOWING” list section and then follow a particular Instagram person. You are not following that person on Instagram directly, it is just for this service only. Also, you can’t follow private Instagram accounts. Only public Instagram accounts can be followed. Simply type the username of some Instagram person and then add it to the following list.

add instagram user

Step 3: Once the user is added to the list, you need to add words for that account. Add any word like ‘ocean‘, ‘sky‘, etc.

add words

Step 4: Access “FEED” section and refresh the page. It will start showing the posts for selected following people and words. For each post, you can see the description, hashtags, and the number of days when a post was published. Instagram username of that person is also visible so that you can check which post belongs to which Instagram user.

Instagram feed visible based on specified words

The like and comment sections are not present there but you can open the post on Instagram and then like and post comments.

The feature to add a post to “Favourites” is also there. You can mark any post as liked and then access “FAVOURITES” section to view all those posts.

access favourites

Add remove Instagram users on the list and add/delete words for each user to filter Instagram feeds.

The Conclusion:

Earlier, we covered another interesting post to filter Instagram feed, but that helps to filter or sort feed by likes and comments only. This service makes Instagram feed more specific by showing only those posts which contain specific words only. You should give it a try.

Try this service.

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