Hide Spotify Media Controls Pop Up When Changing Volume in Windows 10

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This article covers how to hide Spotify media controls pop-up when changing volume in Windows 10. Those who use Spotify Windows 10 app or desktop client and control volume using keyboard (with Function key in laptop) or global hotkeys, they know Spotify media controls pop-up visible every time. Whether you increase/decrease volume, play, pause, or stop a track using keyboard, that pop-up appears. It might be irritating when you are working on some application and that pop-up takes time to disappear. If you want to get rid of it, then this tutorial is gonna help you.

To hide Spotify media controls pop-up while changing volume in Windows 10 using keyboard or hotkey, I have covered a very simple and free tool. This tool is named as “MediaPopupModifier“. To help you understand it more clearly, I have added two screenshots below. Let’s see the first screenshot.

spotify media controls pop-up visible

As you can see, while adjusting volume in Windows 10, Spotify media controls pop-up is visible along with volume pop-up. It remains there until volume pop-up disappears.

Now see the screenshot visible below. The difference is clear. This time when I adjusted volume, Spotify was running in the background but its media controls pop-up didn’t appear. Only volume pop-up was there. Let’s see how to do it.

only volume icon is visible

How To Hide Spotify Media Controls Pop Up When Changing Volume in Windows 10 Using This Free Tool?

Get this tool with the help of link available at the end of this article. Now you need to execute its EXE file. After that, it will start running in the background.

It doesn’t provide any system tray icon, user interface, or some settings window. As soon as you execute the tool, this invisible tool starts doing its work. Now you can open Spotify app or desktop client and start playing your favorite tracks or playlists. When you will use hotkeys to adjust volume, you will notice that only volume pop-up is visible and not Spotify music controls pop-up.

execute the exe

Currently, there is no way to terminate this tool other than taskbar. However, the developer has added to-dos which include a GUI of this tool, change pop-up duration, etc. So, it will be more helpful with updates.

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The Conclusion:

When adjusting volume using system tray, there is no problem as Spotify pop-up isn’t visible. The issue occurs when we use function key/other keys to change volume in our laptops or PCs. At that time, Spotify pop-up appears each time we adjust volume, play or pause the track. This simple tool will be very helpful in such cases. The best part is there is nothing to configure. All it needs is double-click action.

Get this tool.

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