Free Mic Check tool by Adobe to Test your Microphone Setup using AI

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Mic Check by Adobe is a free tool that you can use to analyze your microphone setup using AI. Here this tool is offered in Adobe Podcast and is in beta state right now. It takes a voice sample from you and gives some recommendations as to how you should setup your mic.

It can analyze if you are sitting too close or too far from the mic. In addition, it does background noise analysis and if it is too much then it will tell you to go sit in a quiet place.

If you are not sure whether your mic placement is correct, then you need this tool. You will not have to make a dummy call or record voice or ask someone else to tell you. You can launch this tool right in the browser and all you need is a free Adobe account.

It even generates a visual representation of some parameters that it analyzes to show whether they are low or too much such as noise, distance, echo, gain, etc. You can analyze any mic through this simple tool.

How to Test Microphone Setup using AI Mic Check tool by Adobe?

If you have an Adobe account then you can try Mic Check tool beta here. It has a very simple interface where you will see Start button. Before starting this tool, make sure that your microphone is connected and set as default. This is important as external mics are often made secondary by browsers.

Mic Check Test Mic SCreen

Now, after starting the tool, just speak anything like you usually do. It will record that and then stop it. As soon as you stop, it will show you the results of the analyses. It will generate the recommendation and if the noise or gain is too much or low then it will even show you instructions to fix that on different platforms.

Adobe Mic Check in Action

From now on, whenever you want to test your mic setup then use this tool in this way. After doing a mic test, you can even hear what you said and analyze yourself how you sound. This tool is completely free and you can use it any number of times.

Closing thoughts:

As a podcaster or YouTuber, you must have tools to make sure that your final speech will be perfect and your audience will have a positive experience with you. And Audio quality is one of the most important factors. Previously, we covered speech enhancement tool by Adobe to generate studio quality recordings from normal audio recordings. And now, this Mic Check tool. In my opinion, you must have both.

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