How to Add Emoticons and Smileys to Facebook Status Updates

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My Emoticons is a free software to add emoticons, and smileys to Facebook status updates. Download My Emoticons Free and add emoticons to Facebook status, Gmail, and Twitter updates also.

When you install this software, it installs as a browser add-on. When you open Facebook, it will show a new drop-down for FaceWinks with the status update bar. You can just click on that drop-down, and select the emoticon or smiley that you want to insert in Facebook status update.

How to Add Emoticons to Your Updates:

Just download this small software and install it. Restart your web browsers to activate My emoticons. Now you are ready to add emoticons and smileys to status updates and mails.

Just open your Facebook or Gmail or Twitter and add emoticons. In Facebook and twitter when you click for updating status you find and extra row; which includes these emoticons. In Gmail you can view these emoticons option in the editing options.

There are many categories:

1. Smileys and Emoticons: In this category there are sub sections like: Meme faces (these include meme faces with different expressions), Happy (these include normal happy emoticons), Love (these include emoticons of love expressions), Sad (these emoticons are used to express sadness), Surprised (these include emoticons of surprise expressions), Thinking (these emoticons are used to show that you are thinking of something), Anime (these emoticons include mostly girly icons), Squared (these include icons in squared fashion), and Facebook classic (these are classic Facebook icons).

2. Objects: This is shown with a box symbol. This category includes: Animals (animal icons are included), Activities (the icons will be involved in some activity), flags (flags of different countries are included with smileys), Zodiacs (all the zodiac signs are here), Food (different types of foods are included), Holidays (holiday activities are shown), Music (different types of music instruments are included), Movies (movie activities are animated), Weather (weather variations are shown), Sport (almost all sports are shown), Wordly (different words are given), and Signs (different signs are shown here).

3. Text: This is shown with a T symbol. In this the options are: Abreviation (different shortcuts are included), Symbols (different symbols are included), Letters (all the English letters are shown), Love (different love wordings are shown), Numbers (different numbers are animated), and Others.

Just click on your required emoticon and post it or use it in your mail. Express your feelings with a bigger emoticons. This software add-on also appears in chat but it’s not working well. If both the users have this software installed then it might work well in FB chat and Gtalk chat also.

My Emoticons is completely free, and easy to use. Also check out F.B.Purity to clean up Facebook home page.

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Works With: Windows8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 2000
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