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Codefunk XML Editor is a free XML Editor that allows you to edit XML documents. It’s a simple and lightweight application that does not provides much functionality. It simply lets you edit an already written XML document and save changes to it.

This free XML editor displays the XML document in a tree like hierarchy. This makes it convenient for you to easily navigate through the code and make changes to it.

This free XML editor allows you to open any valid XML document and add, edit, or delete any part of it. You can then, save changes to a new XML file, or overwrite the same file. The changes won’t be saved if you close the application without pressing the Save File button. It lets you save the file in XML format only.

codefunk free xml editor

Edit XML Documents with Codefunk XML Editor:

Codefunk XML Editor is available as a freeware on You can download the setup file from there and install it to your system. Once installed you can launch the app and start editing your XML Documents.

Codefunk XML Editor has a simple user interface which comprises of nothing, but a code section and an edit section.  On the top, there is an Open File button, which you can click to browse valid XML files on your system and open them in Codefunk XML Editor. As you open file, you will see that the file has been displayed in a tree view with plus and minus buttons to expand or minimize parts of the code.

The Code section simply lets you view and select your XML code. To edit the code, you need to use the Edit section. Now lets see how you can modify the code of your XML document using Codefunk XML Editor.

  • Add: The Add functionality lets you add a child node to the selected node. When you select a node, its value will be populated in the textbox in the Edit section on the right. To add a new node there, just right-click on the node and select “Add Node” option. You will notice that the Add section below the Edit section will get enabled where you can add contents for your new node. It lets you separately add Element and Value for the node.
    • Element: Element refers to the XML tags you define. 
    • Value: Value refers to the text you write inside the tag.

    codefunk xml editor add
    After specifying the content, you can click on the “Add” button to add this new node to the parent node.

  • Edit: To Edit a particular node, just select the node and move to the Edit section. There you can modify the node’s value in the textbox and click “Commit Changes” button to confirm editing.codefunk xml editor edit
  • Delete: To Delete a node, just select the node, make a right-click, and choose the “Delete Node” option from the context menu.

Key Features of this Free XML Editor:

  • Free XML Editor: Codefunk XML Editor is an open source XML Editor that lets you edit XML documents.
  • Tree View: It displays the XML code in an easy to view tree like structure.
  • Simple: It’s a simple XML Editor that provides basic editing functionalities and nothing beyond that.
  • Lightweight: It is very lightweight; the size of the setup file is just 632 KB.
  • Easy to Use: Codefunk XML Editor is a handy and easy to use application.

Other similar free XML Editor you may refer include QXMLEdit and Jaxe.

The Final Verdict:

Codefunk XML Editor, as the name suggests, is an XML document editor that lets you edit already written XML files. It’s not an intelligent XML Editor which can give you any guidance regarding syntactical errors and other mistakes. It’s just like a plain text editor except that it displays the code in a tree view and lets you easily add, delete, or edit specific parts of it. You should have strong knowledge about XML in order to use this XML editor, otherwise you may end up trying to save an invalid XML document.

One thing more I would like to clarify here regarding the software; it won’t save your file if the file has syntactical errors in it. It gives you error message, quitting the whole program without saving changes. So be careful while editing the code; it should be correct in all regards.

Download Codefunk XML Editor.

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