Free Open Source Drum Machine with Roland 808 Style: Peel

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Peel is a free open-source, online drum machine/sequencer with Roland 808 style that you can use. It works right inside your browser and if you have knowledge of drums then you can use it with the help of touchpad or mouse. Here It gives you a grid like visual interface where you can compose your beat. It allows you to share your brat with others via link.

Peel follows Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer, which is more commonly known as the 808. It produces the signature deep bass drum, metallic snare drum, hi-hats and other percussion sounds that became iconic features of early hip hop and electronic music productions. If you use Peel, then you can compose your beats in that fashion.

Free Open-Source Drum Machine with Roland 808 Style: Peel

Peel is a simple drum machine right in your browser. You can access its hosted version here. Or you can also self-host it on your own by following the installation instructions given in its GitHub repository.

the main interface of the website looks like this.

Peel Interface

Now, you create the tune you want to compose. All the notes and sounds are listed there in the grid UI. Just click on the relevant button to create a tune.

Peel Create Music

Use the play button to listen to what you have composed. Or you can modify the tune and then play it again. You can keep doing it until you have what you want. Also, when you are done, you can simply generate the share link as well.

Peel play and share

Apart from generating a link, you can also save your work. Click on the “Save to disk…” option from the “Your Jam” menu and then save the Peel file. You can later import the file and play the beat that you have composed.

Peel Save to Disk

Unfortunately, Peel doesn’t offer any option to save your beat as MP3. If you really want to save as music file, then you no choice but to record the system audio. There are various tools for that you can use. Also, in case the web version is not available in the future then you can always pull its source code from here. You can host it on free or cheap server for yourself.

Closing thoughts:

Peel is one of the best of the virtual drum that I have ever used. With the little knowledge of drums that I have, I can safely say that quality and ease of use with Peel is better than most tools out there of the same kind. The only downside is that it can’t save the beats that it helps me generate as MP3 files. If that was the case, then MusicLM and this can be used together to create or compose astonishing music on fingertips.

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