Free iPad Drummer App to Create Drum Beats in Seconds

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Keezy Drummer is a free iPad drummer app to create drum beats within a matter of seconds. The app is really easy to use and gives a lot of options to customize so that you can make the perfect drum beat. It comes with 12 drum sounds and lets you add up to 9 layers of sounds to make your very own unique and original drum beat.

The app also lets you set the tempo for the dream beat you are creating. You can set the tempo anywhere between 0 to 300 bpm. The app doesn’t provide you option for saving the drum beats. It’s all about launching the app, making beats, and playing it to rock the party instantly.

Keezy Drummer

Using this iPad Drummer App to Create Drum Beats in Seconds:

On launching the iPad drummer app, you will see the board as shown in the screenshot below. You can see that it has a number of circles of different colors. Each of the circles depicts a layer of sound here. Each layer is added by choosing any one of the 12 drum sounds. You can add new drum beat by tapping on + option.

Keezy Drummer Home Screen

It will give you the interface for selecting the drum beat of your choice. You can choose the type of drum beat from the name given at the bottom of the interface. The available drum beats are: Kick, Snare, Fat Snare, Closed Hi-Hat, Open Hi-Hat, Blip, Blop, Hah, Clap, Click, Snap, Shake, Tambourine, and Bomb.

Choose Drum Beat

You can see that the selected drum beat has 16 circles depicting different drum sounds. Tap on the ones you want to use and they will be highlighted as Black colored. On choosing the sounds, tap on tick mark to save it.

This way, you can add up to 9 layers of sounds to make the perfect drum beat. If you want to delete any layer, then simply tap and hold on the screen.

Remove Drum Beat

The icon at the bottom left corner of the home screen is for adjusting the tempo of the beat. You can set it between 0 to 300 bpm.

Adjust Tempo

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Final Verdict:

Keezy Drummer is a superb iPad drummer app to create drum beats in seconds. It makes creating drum beats so easy. The app is definitely worth a try and if you love music, then you are going to love this for sure.

Get Keezy Drummer here.

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