5 Best Free Offline Map Apps For iPhone

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This is a list of 5 best free offline map apps for iPhone. Using these apps, you will be able to download the map of any city, state, or country in the world and then use it offline. That means after downloading the map of any location of your choice, you can explore the entire map even when you don’t have an active Internet connection on your iPhone. The best part about all these offline map apps is that apart from simply letting you explore the maps, they also help you navigate to any specific location on the downloaded map with offline turn-by-turn navigation.

There are many offline map apps in the App Store, but most of them are paid or limited to very few map downloads. So, I have gone through a lot of them and then list 5 of the best free offline map apps for iPhone like MAPS.ME, Google Maps, Sygic, etc. If you’re an Android user, then do not worry as we have also covered some of the best offline map apps for Android.

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So, let us get started with these amazing offline map apps for iPhone.


MAPS.ME is probably one of the best free offline map app for iPhone. Using this app, you will be able to download and use maps of the entire world in offline mode and without even using an Internet connection. You can simply search for any location on the world map and then download it for offline usage. It lets you download the map of an entire country or you can choose to download the map of specific cities or states in that country. Once you download a map for offline use, you can simply explore the map and see some detailed point of interests like gas stations, subways, hotels, tourist destinations, parking, restaurants, cafes, and more. To quickly find any specific location on the downloaded maps, you can use the built-in “Search” function to do so.

One of the unique features of MAP.ME is that apart from letting you explore offline maps, it also offers turn-by-turn navigation (for cycling, driving, and walking) in offline mode. That means you can use it to navigate to any location you want even when you don’t have an active Internet connection. You can bookmark and save your favorite locations on the map and also share them with others. Additionally, you can also directly make bookings on the app for hotels, cabs, etc. when you’re online.

Google Maps:

Google Maps is also one of the best offline map apps for iPhone. You can use this app to download maps of any location on the world map and use it offline without wasting mobile data. To do this, you need to simply search for any specific location, city, state, or even country and then use the “Download Offline Area” feature of Google Maps to download the map. After downloading an offline map, you can simply browse the map whenever you want and see the routes, POIs (like tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, parks, etc.), pit stops (like gas stations, subways, cafes, etc.) and so on.

Similar to MAPS.ME, Google Maps also offers offline turn-by-turn navigation to help you drive to any location on the downloaded map without using an Internet connection. The unique feature which makes this app distinct from other similar apps is that it offers indoor maps for various places like shopping malls, museums, airports, stadiums, etc., such that you can find your way with ease. This app also allows you to bookmark specific locations such that you can find them later with ease. In order to use some additional features of Google Maps like real-time traffic conditions, auto-rerouting, lane guidance, etc., you would need an active Internet connection.


Sygic is another amazing free offline map app for iPhone which offers various features like maps in 3D-View, detailed POIs, route planning, turn-by-turn navigation, and more. Similar to MAPS.ME and Google Maps, you can search maps for any location on the world map and then download it to use when you’re offline. After downloading offline maps, it uses your iPhone’s GPS to help you explore the maps in high-quality graphics and also provides detailed information on tons of POIs, routes, etc. You can also drop a pin on anywhere on the map and then get directions, nearby point of interests, GPS coordinates, etc. of the selected location.

To start offline navigation, you need to simply select a source and destination and then it will guide you using the turn-by-turn navigation feature. It also displays 3D landscapes and buildings such that it would be easier for you to navigate to any specific location. One of the unique features of Sygic is that it lets you navigate to any location by importing a photo, which you have captured on that location. It actually uses the metadata of the image and then extracts the location from that in order to help you navigate to that location on the map.


CityMaps is yet another useful iPhone app to download and use offline maps. You can search for any city or country in the world and then download the offline map to view and access without an Internet connectivity. When you’re done downloading an offline map, you can explore the places on the map, search for any specific location using the “Search” bar, see points of interests with in-depth information, and more. With each downloaded map, you get offline navigation and offline city guides. CityMaps also allows you to choose a start point and an end point on the downloaded maps of your choice to start offline navigation.

The best feature of this app is that it comes with a separate section named, “View City Guide” which shows all the point of interests on the downloaded map with separate tabs such as Sightseeing, Food, Nightlife, Shopping, etc. This helps you simply explore your favorite POIs and then start offline navigation to go to any place you want. Unlike MAP.ME and Google Maps, the bookmarking feature is not available in offline mode, which means if you want to save your favorite locations for quick access then you do need an Internet connection.


The last app in my list is HERE WeGo which is also very useful offline map app for iPhone. This is also a completely free app which allows you to download maps of any country from all the continents in the world. You can either choose specific states or cities of any country or download the offline map for the entire country. After downloading offline maps, you can explore all the places on the maps with 2D and 3D views, find your favorite nearby POIs like restaurants, pharmacies, local tours, banks, parking, bars, cafes, gas stations, taxi stands, subway, and more.

Similar to all the other apps in this post, HERE WeGo also offers offline navigation to help you navigate to any place you want without using an Internet connection. The best part about its offline navigation is that it supports voice guidance as well. It also shows routes with detailed information such that you can easily get to your destination without any hassle. Additionally, it also lets you book cabs, show the ticket cost of public transport, parking, real-time traffic updates, taxi fares, and more when you are connected to Internet.

My Final Verdict:

If you have been looking for iPhone apps to use offline maps, then you can start using any of the offline map apps explained in this post right away. Apart from simple maps, you also get offline navigation with all the apps. That means even when you’re not connected to the Internet, you can find your way to any destination using these offline map apps. Personally, I like MAPS.ME as all the features of this offline map app is completely free to use and without any limitations.

Try out all these apps and let me know which one you liked the most.

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