10 Reasons I Should Not Leave This Job

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Leaving a job from a company is a phase that everyone comes across. But the question is that, do you really have to leave your current job? Well so many people don’t really consider the pros and cons of leaving the current job. And that’s why I will discuss 10 good reasons here to make you understand why you shouldn’t leave your current job. There are some key points I have extracted by doing a little research and these points are not really statements, but they are actually a set of questions that you have to answer to yourself honestly. You can write down the result and analyze it. I am sure that it will be enough to persuade you whether you really want to leave your current job.

If you think that your current job is worth leaving then I will suggest you to go through this article once. Of course, the last call will be yours, but it will be wise to compare some cons and pros before coming up with an absolute decision. I have seen people who left their job in quest of a better one but didn’t succeed that much. Also, I have seen people who wanted to find a better job, thus left and eventually found a good organization to befit themselves. So, based on my experience and study I have compiled this list of reasons that may come in handy if you are currently planning to switch your current job.

10 reasons why i should not leave a job

10 Reasons I Should Not Leave This Job

According to a gallup poll, the conclusion is that 70% people don’t like their job and 20% hate theirs. If you are one of them trying to get rid of your job, then you can try an online test by reading this article. Since, a new job can’t just appear out of nowhere, so you need to make a decision with a clam mind. And these 10 reasons that I have listed will help you.

reasons why i should not leave a job

  1. Not Enough Savings in your Account:

    The fist reason for not leaving your current job is that you have to make sure that you have enough savings with you to survive in the mean time you find a new job. If not, then it may not be a good idea to leave your current job. You can either get a new job immediately or it may take even months. It is totally based on your luck and skills but if you don’t have money to get over with the struggling period, then you shouldn’t leave your current job.

  2. Not Enough Knowledge:

    You always learn new things in an organization you’re currently in. And if you are planning to switch to another company, then surely you will have to be perfect in the field you are going into. However, if you are not done with learning in your current organization, then again it might not be a good idea to leave your current job. If you start your new job with incomplete knowledge, there are chances that your rank will fall down and you will eventually be thrown out of your new company.

  3.  Lack of Planning:

    If you are all set to leave your current job but you don’t have any idea in your mind what to do next, what will you do next, and what you ought to do next, then don’t leave your current job. You may have a temporary reason to leave your current job, but its outcome may not be temporary.

  4. Askew Judgement:

    I have seen some people leave their jobs due to silly reasons. Sometimes they get upset by pointy things of their colleagues, being scolded by a manager, etc. Some people take these thing to heart and make decision to leave. If that’s the case with you then you shouldn’t leave your job. Analyze if it was your fault in the first place and it is better to discuss it with your mentor or elders.

  5. Urge for Bigger Paychecks:

    If you want to leave your current job for the sake of money, then you shouldn’t. It is okay to have a desire to earn more, but it shouldn’t be the only reason to switch your job. You should try to add other aspects in the picture while you are planning to quit your job for bigger paychecks. You can think of the social and psychological aspects. For example, in new company, you may get more money, but the colleagues are not friendly.

  6. Because Someone said you Should:

    Quitting a job just because someone said you should is not a good reasons at all to leave your current job. The decision to leave or stick to your job should always be yours. Others can only give you suggestions and may provoke you against your job. You can listen to all of them but you should not make a quick decision based on them.

  7. Your Job is Supporting your Studies:

    A lot of people do job while they are still studying. The job supports the expenses to study and if this is the case with you, then don’t leave the job. There is a saying that “Don’t burn bridges unless you have a way to get to the other side“. So first complete your studies, then you can think of leaving your job for good.

  8. Stay Financially Independent:

    If your current job is able to fulfill all your needs and you are happy with your job, then you shouldn’t consider leaving that job. You may have the reasons to leave it, but if it is comfortable for you and you are enjoying the perks and company of your colleagues, then don’t quite your job.

  9. Bank won’t Give you a Loan/Credit Card :

    Another sad thing about leaving a job is that you will not be eligible to take loans from banks. After leaving your job, if you run into a financial problem, then bank loan is a solution. But if you don’t show the source of income to the bank, then how will they know that you will pay off your loan. As a result, they will deny you the loan. And that’s one of the biggest con of not having a job in your hand.

  10. If there is a big Scope of your Skills:

    You should not leave your current job if you know that the skill you are currently in will be in major demand tomorrow. In that case, you have to boost your skills and be the best in that.


These are some good reasons why you shouldn’t leave your job. The final decision will be yours but if you go through the above mentioned reasons, then I am sure you will end up having a change of mind. If the above listed reasons, are not able to change your mind, then you can go ahead and proceed with your decision to leave your job. I can only wish you a good luck.

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