Should you Quit your Job? Take this quiz to find out

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Thinking of reasons to leave your job can be plenty, specially if you had a long hard day at work and you start evaluating if you are happy with what you are doing. On those crazy days when nothing seems to go your way, you feel like you need to quit your job today itself. But then you start evaluating your options and reality of life kicks in. You are never able to decide whether you should or should not quit your job.

So let’s talk about this quiz I came across called “should I quit my job“. The quiz gives you 25 multiple choice questions to answer and at the end it tells you  whether you should quit your job.

Let’s look at the first page of this quiz website as shown in the screenshot below.

should i quit my job home page

The red button in the center will start the quiz for you. The share option at the bottom of the window let you share the quiz with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or email.

Once you start the quiz the very first question you get is shown below in the screenshot.

should i quit my job first question home page

Choose the option which you think appropriately defines your situation. Go through the 25 questions one by one, answering them according to how you feel about the job, company, people, work you do, etc.

Once done with the 25 questions, you will be shown the result whether you should quit your job or not. My quiz result is shown in the screenshot below.

should i quit my job don't quit

The website offers other quizzes as well, like the one shown in the above screenshot. A career test to find what type of work your are interested in. Below this a detailed result will be shown based on your answer to the 25 questions.

should i quit my job detailed results

In the detailed result, things will be scored on a scale of 5 and the points awarded on the scale depend upon how you answered the questions.

You can also try out free online quiz maker websites.


This is a fun quiz to take. If you are bored or fed up with your job then you can take this quiz and see what the result comes out to be. But as far as making a decision to quit your job, it should never be based on a quiz or anything similar. Its a life decision and there are a lot of factors that you have to consider before you even think about quitting. Quizzes like these are more or less a fun thing to go through, they should not be taken seriously.

Check out Should I quit my job quiz here.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 9 Average: 1.7]
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