How to Scrape Google Search Suggestions for any Keyword

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In this post, I will mention some really useful tools and websites that you can use to scrape Google Search suggestions for free. These tools and websites take a keyword or a phrase from you and then generate the suggestions for them using the Google API. Some of these can get the top 10 most relevant suggestion for a keyword and some can get even more.

After getting the Google Search suggestions, you can copy them and use them anywhere. Or, one of the tools here can even let you download the final results in Excel format. The best part is that in order to use most of these tools, you don’t need any account to sign up or register. And not only that, but two of these tools can be run locally or you can self host them on a server.

If you are into SEO line of work and then apart from doing keyword research you sometimes need the related keywords for better optimization of content. And what’s best to get the Google Search suggestion for them? That is because they are very accurate and processed through sophisticated machine learning algorithms of Google itself. So, if you need those suggestion for free, then these tools mentioned here will help you.

How to Scrape Google Search Suggestions for any Keyword?

PPC Ad Editor

PPC AD editor

PPC AD editor in action

PPC Ad Editor is basically a free Chrome extension to scrape Google Search Ads as well as Google Search keyword suggestions. But in this post, I will discuss its ability to scrape the Google Search Suggestions. Without any sign up or registration, it can get the Google suggestions and download them in Excel. All you have to do is type a keyword in Google Search box and activate this extension.

So, use the link above to install this extension from the Chrome Web Store. And you can use it in any other Chromium based browser as well such as Microsoft Edge and Opera.

Now, you go to Google and then type a keyword in the search box to let it generate the suggestions list. When it does that, you just click on the icon of the PPC Ad Editor extension and then click Capture Keywords. After that, click on Download and an Excel file will be downloaded on your computer. In the Excel, file, go to the Keywords sheet and there you will see all the keywords.

Google_Suggestions Colab Notebook

This is basically a Python Jupyter Notebook on Google Colab that you can use to download Google Search suggestions for a keyword or phrase. If you have a Google account then you can easily copy this Notebook into your account, and run it. It generates the top 10 most relevant suggestions using the Google API. After getting the suggestions, you can do whatever you want.

Think of it as an open source tool. You can even run it locally in a Jupyter Notebook if you have one. All you have to do is input the keyword and specify a language code to get the most relevant results. This is as simple as that.

Here are the steps to use this Notebook.

  1. Access this Notebook from this link.
    Google_Suggestions Notebook
  2. Now, make a copy of it in your Google Drive. The option to copy this is in the File menu.
    Make a Copy Colab
  3. Navigate to cell number 3 and here you have to modify the search term or phrase.
    Edit Search Query in Colab
  4. Now, start running the Notebook. Hit the play button orderly in every cell, starting from the top. In the last cell, you will get the output, It will show 10 top most Google Search suggestions now.
    Final Google Search Suggestions

Above, you can see how this Notebook works in order to give you the top 10 most relevant Google Search suggestions. You can run it like this always and use the output keywords or phrase anywhere you like. This is as simple as that.



gSearchSuggest is a simple self hosted web app that you can use to get Google suggestions for any keyword. It uses Google API as well and you just have to enter a keyword or phrase in it. It will generate the search suggestions that you can copy and save anywhere you want. This is as simple as that.

You can host it on Heroku or some free online PHP hosting. Or, you can even run it locally using XAMPP like servers. For now, its source code is on GitHub and you can get it from there and use it.

There is a hosted version of this tool as well that you can access here. The UI is very simple and there is a text box at the top in which you have to enter a keyword to get started. After that, hit the “Show Suggestions” button and it will display the 10 most relevant keywords there in a box. You can see this in the screenshot above.

If you are a programmer then you can simply fork its source code and modify it to get suggestions for keywords in bulk. Or, you can use this tool as an API as well.

Final thoughts:

If you are looking for some free tools to scrape Google Search suggestions then you can use any tool from this list. Enter a keyword and then get the keyword suggestion data it produces. All of these generate accurate and most relevant suggestions as they are by Google itself. So, wherever you are going to use those keywords to optimize a web page or a piece of content, it will definitely help you boost its SEO.

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