3 Free Twitter Hashtag Popularity Checker Websites

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Here are 3 best free Twitter hashtag popularity checker websites. These websites allow you to check popularity of a hashtag that you specify in them. Using the tools that I have mentioned here, you can see the popularity percentage of that hashtag, recent popularity, monthly trend, weekly trend, spelling variants, top countries mentioning that hashtags, top tweets, related hashtags, and many others. Just submit the hashtag to one of these websites and get an organized report. However, with these websites, you can’t download the data to your PC. These websites can only show the report on their interface.

If you want more engagement on Twitter, then you may want to research on some trending topics. Also, the trending topics have some corresponding hashtags. And if you want to know the popularity of those hashtags, then the tools that I have listed here will help you. These online tools use different approach and different data presentation to show popularity of hashtags on Twitter. You can analyze the data these websites give you and take further steps accordingly.

Free Twitter Hashtag Popularity Checker Websites

3 Free Twitter Hashtag Popularity Checker Websites:


Hashtagify search the popularity of hashtags

Hashtagify is one of the best free websites to check the popularity of any hashtag that you submit to it. It shows various stats of the hashtag that will help you decide whether you have to use it in your tweets. In the report that it generates, you can see the popularity percent, recent popularity, monthly trend percent, weekly trend percent, countries that use that hashtag the most, popular tweets, most influencing tweets, and related hashtags. It can show you all this data right on its interface right after you specify a hashtag. However, you can’t export this data to a file like CSV or PDF.

There is no sign up and registration process to use Hashtagify website. Go to its homepage, enter a hashtag in the box and then hit the Search button. After that, it will start analyzing the hashtag and will show you the report. It organizes the report on its interface according to the various stats. Analyze the result that it produces and then use that information to form your new tweets. The website doesn’t support export functionality. If you want that report so badly, you can save the entire page as PDF.


RiteTag see twitter hashtag popularity online

RiteTag offers a free Twitter hashtag popularity checker that you can use to see how popular a hashtag is on Twitter. It doesn’t uses the percentage to show hashtag popularity. It shows the popularity in terms of number of tweets per hour. It shows the number of unique tweets, number of re-tweets, hashtag exposure per hour, tweets with images, tweets with link, and tweets with mention. You can use this data to analyze how well a hashtag is performing on Twitter. In addition to that, it also shows graphical stats for better understanding.

To view more details like graphical stats, you will have to sign up for a free account. And then you will be able to see the usage of that hashtag in last 30 days, geographical distribution of that hashtag, images tagged in the tweets that mention your target hashtag, popular accounts using that hashtag and some others. However, here also you won’t find an option to export the data to a file.

Using RiteTag to see popularity of a hashtag is so easy. Just visit the website and enter the hashtag and get the simple statistics. If you want to get some other additional information, then you can register a free account and unlock the graphical report section. Also, you will be able to see the other valuable information about a target hashtag as well.


Statweestics see hashtag popularity checker free

Statweestics is another free website that you can use to check popularity of hashtags on Twitter. It is basically meant to check the ranking of the specified hashtags. But along with that, it can show you the popularity percent of a hashtag which is popular. So, the disadvantage is that it may not be able to show you the data of all the hashtag that you submit to it. This website shows a basic report in terms of percentage and offers some other features too. It can show you the popularity of hashtags on weekly, monthly, yearly and daily basis. In addition to this, you can see the graphical representation of the stats.

Just visit the website of Statweestics and then go to the “Hashtags” section. There you will see various options to search hashtags for today, for the week, monthly and yearly. Choose the option accordingly and then enter your hashtag. If that hashtag exists in the top ranking hashtags list, then it will show the data for that. And you can analyze the output that it shows to you. To view the graphical stats, simply click the hashtags and it will show you the graphical data . You can see the screenshot above.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best free Twitter hashtag popularity checker websites that I have listed. All of these websites can help you find the popularity of any hashtag and see the corresponding data. However, one thing they lack that is data export functionality. But still, for free they are very good ones. Personally I will prefer Hashyagify for this purpose. You can go for other websites too if you want.

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