5 Free Android Live Wallpaper Apps That Provide Useful Information

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Here, are 5 free Android Live Wallpaper apps that provide useful information on Android. Android Live Wallpaper or Android widget is one of the best way out to have bundle of information on Android home screen. There are multiple Android live wallpaper apps that provide useful information like weather forecast, call logs, SMS, Facebook updates, stock quotes, and more on Android.

We will discuss about Bubbleator Live Wallpaper, Live Scores Football Wallpaper, and more. Install any one of them and have use information on your Android home screen.

Bubbleator Live Wallpaper:

Bubbleator Live Wallpaper

Bubbleator Live Wallpaper is a free Android live wallpaper app that provides useful information in background of Android screen. The live wallpaper app provides multiple information which includes calendar, missed calls, SMS, weather information, Facebook wall updates, and Twitter updates. You can view all the information in the moving direction all together on your Android home screen. The wallpaper looks good as your Android home screen contains all the updated information. The only bad part of this Android live wallpaper is that, the live wallpaper does not play in full screen mode. You previous wallpaper will be visible on your Android home screen. The live wallpaper is played just like a pop-up window.

Stock Market Live Wallpaper:

Stock Market Live Wallpaper

Stock Market Live Wallpaper is a free Android wallpaper app that lets you set live wallpaper with stock updates on Android. This Android live wallpaper app displays updates from US financial markets. All the stock quotes are displayed according to the US financial markets. The wallpaper has small blocks with different stock quotes. You can easily edit any block and set your desired stock to track the stock quotes. With this live wallpaper app, it becomes easy to track the real-time financial status of US financial market. To check the detailed stock quotes information, tap on any stock quotes block and you will see the current status of the stock and the percentage ups and downs in the stock quotes. The live wallpaper is displayed in full screen mode on your Android home screen.

Live Scores Football Wallpaper:

Live Football Scores Live Wallpaper

Live Scores Football Wallpaper is a free Android app which displays live football scores on Android. The live wallpaper app displays scores of ongoing football match for the selected team. The live scores wallpaper app does not play in the full screen mode. For this, you can select any background image from your Android’s photo gallery and set it as your Android background. The app displays  country of both the teams, teams’ name, and the live scores. On the top of it, you can easily select the font style, selected team name color, team score color, opponent name color, and opponent score color. The live wallpaper app settings even allow you to select game time color to be displayed on your Android’s background.

(P.S.: While testing this app, no match was going on, so I couldn’t take a better screenshot.)

Go Weather Animate Wallpaper:

Go Weather Animated Wallpaper

Go Weather Animate Wallpaper is a free Android app that displays a live wallpaper containing the real-time weather information on Android. This live wallpaper app displays an animated wallpaper. If you want to have weather information on the wallpaper, then you need to install Go Weather app from Google Play Store. Go Weather Animate Wallpaper app is not a standalone app as it works with Go Weather app only. Both the apps are available for free in Google Play Store. First you need to install Go Weather app and then install Go Weather Animate Wallpaper app on your Android phone. Long tap in the empty space on your Android screen→Wallpapers→Live Wallpapers→Go Weather Animate Wallpaper→Settings→Set Wallpaper. Now you are all set with live wallpaper containing full weather information.

Weather Sky Live Wallpaper:

Weather Sky Live Wallpaper

Weather Sky Live Wallpaper is a free Android app that displays weather status with the help of weather image and information on Android. This Android live wallpaper app displays a wallpaper showing the current weather forecast with the current weather temperature. By looking at the wallpaper only, you can know the weather status outside. If it is a sunny weather, then the wallpaper app will display a sunny weather with a bright sun and the sky. The wallpaper images work according to the current weather condition of the location selected or your current location. The app takes the help of your Android GPS to find your current location and track the weather status outside. Settings of the wallpaper app allows you to customize animation speed, time slot, weather update interval, weather detail position, unit of temperature, and more. You can also check out the post by us on 3D Digital Weather Clock Android widget app.

If you find some other good live wallpaper app that provides useful information, then do let us know in comments.

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