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Sensor Music Player is a free music player app for Android that lets you control music by using hand gestures.  The awesome feature about this application is the ability to control the music play back without touching the phone itself. You can skip to the next song on the track list, pause them, and resume playback by just waving your hand over your phone.

Yea, it also does all the normal stuff that are required of a good music player. Its has a simple interface, its light weight, does not use up too much resources. And, hey, you can wave at it to change song! How cool is that?

(BTW – if you hear music on PC, then there is a way to control music play on PC with hand gestures).

sensor music player screenshot


Modes for Different Hand Gestures:

The phone supports three modes: Wave over, pocket, hammer. There are different hand gestures associates with each mode to perform the actions on the music player. Each of these modes are aptly described by the screen shot below.

sensor player controlling options

Wave over:

When this mode is selected, you can perform different actions by just waving your hand around proximity sensor (This sensor is located over the upper bezel of the screen):

  • Skip Song: Wave your hand over the proximity sensor to skip song.
  • Pause Song: Keep your hand above the sensor till the song gets paused
  • Resume Song: Keep our hand over the sensor till the song resumes playing

Out of all the three modes, this is my favorite one to control music player.


Hammer mode is pretty straight forward. After selecting this mode, just keep phone on a surface and hammer the surface to change the song with your hand. Be-careful while using this mode so that you don’t end up accidentally hammering the phone; you won’t enjoy that.


For this mode just select the mode from the options and turnoff your phone’s screen and keep it in your pocket and tap on the phone to skip the songs. This is a good mode when you are running or in a gym, and have phone in your pocket. Just tag the phone, and song will be changed.

Note: If you are not in the mood to use the above features and just want to use the app like a normal music player, then you can disable the above sensor features.


  • Notification Bar controls: The app has all the basic controls on the notification bar, in a very simple layout, and even shows the album arts . So you don’t have to open up the app just to do the basic stuff. This feature works in ICS (Android 4.0) and above.

sensor music player notification bar


  • Easy to use and simple widget, so that you can control the player from the home screen. It even shows which sensor is activated.


sensor music player widget

  • Five Band equalizer with bass booster function.
  • Remove a song by sliding it to the right from your track list.
  • Smart search bar, just start tying the name of the song, artist, album etc to get to it.
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How to install Sensor Music Player:

Sensor Music player is free on Android PlayStore click here to download or Scan the QR-code below with Barcode Scanner app.

senor music player qrcode

There were other apps that did this in the past. But this is the best implementation that I have seen and its free; try it out. Know of some other good gesture driven app? Do let me know in comments.

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