Android App for Roommates To Split Tasks and Expenses: Fairshare

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Fairshare for Android is a free app for Android devices which allows roommates to share tasks, costs, and see what has been done in the house. The app features a House Feed which allows you to interact with other members of the house and it also shows the tasks being done in the house and the things which are needed to be done.

Fairshare for Android allows users to live happily by sharing and tracking tasks, expenses, bills, and more. You can add encouragement by liking tasks that your roommates have done. The app has two main sections: one deals with tasks and chores, and the other for bookkeeping and splitting the expenses.

Shared living is made easy with Fairshare for Android.

Fairshare For Android Share Tasks And Split Cost With Roommates

Starting with Fairshare for Android:

Start by downloading the app from the link / QR code given at the end of this review. When the app is launched, you will have the welcome screen. To use the app, you will have to register. To do so, click on the “Register” button and Fairshare for Android lets you register by Facebook or Email.

Starting with Fairshare for Android

Now you are logged in you will have the interface as seen here.This allows you to join an existing house or create a new house. As this is the first time we are using the app, we need to create the house as seen below. Once created, you can invite your roommates, or they can search and join the house you created.

create house in fairshare for android

Sharing tasks and Splitting Costs:

After registering, you will be logged into the account and you will have the tasks management interface in front of you, as seen here. Each member of the house will be able to create tasks from here. Once the tasks are created, anyone can complete the task. The app does not divides tasks and chores but let’s you know who has done what. Also, its a smart way of listing all the tasks needed to be done. They are shown according to category or you can view all of them by clicking on the priority tile.

House feed, tasks, and bookkeeping

How to Create Tasks and Mark as Completed:

Task are categorized in form of tiles, and clicking on the tile will bring all common task related to that category. Let’s take the example of cooking. Clicking on cooking tile will bring the list of tasks as seen here. Now you can create a task here. These tasks will be shown in the list. Also it will appear in the house feed.

To mark a task as completed, simply slide it to the side. Now all the members in the house will know that a particular task has been completed by you. In this manner you and the roommates can manage, share, and stay updated with tasks and chores.

creating tasks in fairshare for android

Clicking on the menu pointed below lets you access various sections of the app.

access various sections of fair share for android

How to Do Bookkeeping and Share Expenses among Roommates:

When you are in the bookkeeping section, you will have four options as seen here. If you did some shopping for the home, then click on the shopping tile and enter the amount spent. Also the Fairshare for Android allows you to split the expenses. By default it is set to split equally, but you can make sharing custom by clicking on the ‘custom’ button. Once you click on the save expenses button, the app will inform others that you have done shopping for the house and also tells them how much money they need to give to you for the shopping expenses. Bills and the rent are handled in a similar manner.

bookkeeping in fairshare for android

By using the bookkeeping part of this app, roommates can pay things needed in the house and split the costs. This can be shopping, bills, and rent; and others will know how much they need to pay others. Here the app intelligently calculates the total amount of money needed to be paid or what others owe you. You can access this feature by clicking on the transfers tile. In the clean and simple interface the total amounts needed to transferred or to be received is shown. You can click on the confirm button to make sure that transaction has been done and its no longer pending.

Splitting Costs

Staying updated with House Feed:

The House Feed lets you know that is going on in the house and what other members are doing. If you want, you can see posts, tasks, and bookkeeping separately by clicking on the separate tabs. Also here you can post whatever you would like to share with other member s of the house such as what movie to watch in the evening or other things; this feed acts as a small social network of a house.

home feed in fairshare for android

Clicking on the profiles gives you information about tasks which you have done and your overall balance as seen below. In this manner, you can track all your progress from one place. Also, the app assigns you points for each task which you do, depending on the time and difficulty of the task. You can brag about your score and contribution towards the house among your roommates.

profile in faireshare for android


Fairshare for Android is a superb app for streamlining and sharing the tasks done in a household. Using this app you can manage and share pretty much most of the tasks associated with sharing a house. Split bills, tasks, and stay connected with your roommates by using Fairshare for Android.

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Get Fairshare for Android here or scan the QR code below.

get fairshare for android qr code

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Works With: Android 2.3.3 and up
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