Windows 8 Recipes App For Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving Food

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Thanksgiving Food, is a free Windows 8 recipes app. This is a simple Windows 8 app to learn cooking. The app has tons of video as well as textual tutorials and directions. Plus it also lists all the ingredients of any meal/dish and the nutritional facts. So, there’s this assurity that everything you’ll cook will be nutritional and you can also put a control over the amount of sugar, fat, carbohydrate etc. in any dish. Simply play the videos in full screen, pause it when ever required, jump back to a point if you missed or to replay it again, and learn some really good Thanksgiving food. As the holidays season is here and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. So, it’s great time to use this Windows 8 recipes app, to cook something, that tastes good to tongue, and impress people by your cooking abilities.

Thanksgiving Food

Learn cooking using this Windows 8 recipes app:

This little Windows 8 recipes app, sure is handy, specially for those who want to learn some great cooking. All the videos are from, a website that teaches cooking. But since it has a huge amount of food recipes tutorials, so it’s better to use this Windows 8 recipes app that filters and brings only those foods that you can cook specially on Thanksgiving; rather then browsing through all the videos. The app advertises that there are 1000+ videos in the app, wheather it’s a meal, dish, vegetarian-meaty, savory, sweet, desserts, appetizers, drinks, pie, sauce, soup, and more.

Thanksgiving Food - home screen

All the recipe tutorials are arranged according to aforementioned groups, that is all the drinks comes under Drinks group, pies under Pie, stuffings under Stuffings etc. Click on any of these group label’s name and you’ll get to another screen that has all the foods belonging to that category, only. A very good feature in this Windows 8 recipes app is, if you are looking for a food according to it’s taste, or according to it’s type for example pies, turkeys, or pumpkin only etc., then the app allows you to filter the recipes according to pre-built filters. The filters includes: Dish, Ingredients, Course, Vegetarian, Interest, Method, and Taste. This feature is present in the top right side at the Home Screen. Now, using this feature you can quickly find a particular dish of any taste or type etc. Filter the dishes as per your need and browse through the foods to find the one you are looking for.

Thanksgiving Food - filters

Simply click on the video, to start playing the tutorial. The video gets played automatically in the next screen. The videos are of different length. There’s hardly any video longer then 9 minutes. The app uses the internet to stream the videos. Like I said above the videos are from the website. So, the video tutorials are quite good, they are well explained not missing even the minor details. The videos have all the requisite playback buttons, that includes: play, pause, volume control, zoom, switch between full screen and normal mode, video progress slider; using which you can jump to any missed part or replay the video.

Thanksgiving Food - video tutorial

And if in case the video is too fast to follow simply follow the textual instructions. They are equally good. Plus at the end of the instructions there’s a nutritional chart that tells the amount of nutrition in that particular dish, drink, appetizer, or meal etc. Plus there are some other related foods listed at the end.

Thanksgiving Food - nutritional chart & share

Key features of this Windows 8 recipes app:

  • Freely available.
  • Good Windows 8 recipes app.
  • Learn Thanksgiving cooking from 1000+ video tutorials.
  • Also use the textual directions to learn cooking.
  • Sign-in and add any dish to favorite, to quickly access it anytime.
  • Integrated with Windows 8 Search and Share charms.
  • Jump to the next or previous recipe tutorial from current recipe tutorial screen.

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Final note:

Thanksgiving Food, certainly is a good Windows 8 recipes app. It’s functional, simple and easy. And above all does teaches cooking good Thanksgiving food. The speed of this Windows 8 recipes app basically depends on your internet speed. All in all, a good Windows 8 app. Download this Windows 8 recipes app from Food & Dinning Category in Windows Store, or click here.

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