Windows 8 Live Tile Reminder App That Shows Reminders At Start Screen

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Tiles Reminder is a free Windows 8 live tile reminder app that, lets you save reminders and then, view them at Windows 8 Start Screen. It is a simple, handy Windows 8 app that provides a minimalist platform for you to create reminders very quickly and with ease, and then later, remove them, when their purpose are satisfied. You can set a reminder of up to 300 words long, and then view them in Windows 8 Start Screen in the form of live tile messages.

This is a handy Windows 8 live tile Reminder app, that cuts all the clutter that include: opening an app first and then viewing the reminders. Simply, write the desired reminder and save it. The app, then automatically shows all saved reminders at Windows 8 Start Screen.

Tiles Reminder - reminders at start screen

Set reminders at Windows 8 start screen using this Windows 8 live tile reminder app:

There’s no doubt that, this Windows 8 reminder app has got some points, that goes in the favor of it’s usability. First of all, the concept of the app is good, which is letting you see all the reminders at Windows 8 Start Screen. Windows 8 Start Screen is the first screen that you’ll be with, after you successfully log into Windows 8. Viewing all reminders in the very first screen is a good option, and helps a lot in remembering stuff. And also, whenever you need to launch a new app in Window 8, the most apparent way is to press Windows key. This opens the Windows 8 Start Screen again. So, even if you missed the reminder earlier, then you can remember them again by viewing the reminders as live tile messages in Windows 8 Start Screen.

Tiles Reminder - adding new reminder

I liked the fact that, the app has a very clean and clear interface, that makes it very easy to quickly create and then remove the reminders. All you have to do is, right-click on the app’s screen and then click on Add button. This opens a flyout at the right side of screen; wherein you can enter the reminder’s title and description. The max. length of the description is 300 words. That’s pretty good enough for a description. Then, simply click on OK button.

The next thing that you have to do is, pin the app to the Start Screen and change it’s tile size to “wide”. The app automatically starts showing all the reminders that are saved, in the form of live tile messages. The font of the reminder message at app’s live tile is big enough to view easily. Although, I do wish that the app provided options to change the font style, size, and color.

Tiles Reminder - add or remove reminder

To remove completed reminders, simply right-click on the reminder and click on Remove button.

Key features of this Windows 8 live tile reminder app:

  • Completely free.
  • Good Windows 8 live tile reminder app.
  • Shows reminders at Windows 8 start screen.
  • Set reminder as live tiles.
  • Simple and easy.

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Final note:

Tiles Reminder is a good, handy, fast, and easy Windows 8 reminder app. No denying, that it does lacks some good reminder features. But, it sure is a good start. Plus, it does satisfies it’s purpose well. All in all a good free Windows 8 live tile reminder app.

Get Tiles Reminder here.

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