Free Benchmarking Software to Test Gaming and VR Performance of PC

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Superposition is a free benchmarking software to test gaming and VR performance of PC. This software performs a series of some serious tests on your PC and shows you the final report. There is even a list of the PC benchmarking scores by other users and you can compare your score with those and see where you stand. You can set the test parameters in the beginning and then simply start the test. It takes a few minutes for the benchmarking test to finish and in the end, it will show you the final report. The free version of the software lacks some advanced features but for testing your computer’s compatibility for gaming, it is good one.

If you have an old PC or just any PC that you want to check if it is compatible with modern games then this software I have mentioned here will help you. After specifying the test parameters, you can hand over your PC to this software and it will do its work. This is quite a heavy software and stresses your CPU and GPU to see if they can handle heavy games and graphics. It displays various scenes on the screen and analyze the graphics performance. In the end, you can see your score and compare with the list of other PCs which have been benchmarked with this software.

Superposition Leaderboard

Using this Free Benchmarking Software to Test Gaming Performance of PC:

This is quite a large sized software and make sure that you are on unlimited broadband plan to download it. You can download it from here and then simply run it. On the main screen, you will see some kind of tests and you can start anyone you wish. Also, for the VR test, you will need extra hardware for the test to begin. So, run it after downloading and on the main interface, customize a few setting for the benchmark test.

Superposition select test

Now, let it actually test the PC. When you start the PC, make sure that software like Chrome, Firefox etc., are closed. After that, you can simply let it test the PC and wait for a few minutes till the test finishes. Basically, here it shows you different scenes which have very high graphics and then analyze the performance of your GPU under the hood. You can see one of the scenes on the benchmarking process below.

Superposition Benchmarking

When the test finishes, you can see the benchmarking score that it calculates for you. You can see the result of the test and your score. If you want then you can save the results that it produces as an image file. Or, you can open the Leaderboard and see the score of the other PCs uploaded by their owner using the software. You can compare your score with the scores listed on the leaderboard and see where you stand in the crowd.

Superposition benchmark in action

In the similar way, you can use the VR test feature of the software to test how your PC will behave VR games. The test proceeds in the similar way, its just you need to make sure that you have the supported VR hardware attached to the PC. Currently, it supports some specific VR devices that you can plug in your PC and start the test.

Superposition VR Test

In this way, you can use this simple and powerful software to benchmark your PC. You test the performance of GPU and CPU and see if your computer is compatible with the latest games. You just start the test and analyze your score. It is simple as that. This is a very nice software and you should handle it with care and only run it on a system with good configuration.

Final words

If you are looking for a powerful software for Windows to benchmark your PC for VR and performance test then Superposition is very good software. I liked the way it performs the various tests and generates the report. Also, its ability to let you show the leaderboard to see scores of other PCs is very nice. After analyzing the leader board, you can see how much you have to upgrade your PC in order to make your PC great for gaming and other VP applications.

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