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GCstar is a free collection management software. This is a free open source utility to manage collections of various types from movies, games, music, stamps to almost anything that the user wants to maintain as a collection. Gcstar in fact is a collection manager that acts as a database to keep track of the collector’s items and lists. Gcstar tool enables the user to obtain additional information, from the web, about the items on the collection.

GCstar helps the user to maintain records of the items that are collected, the ones that are borrowed/ lent to friends. It allows the user to maintain a database entry of such things and automatically updates records by fetching information online. GCstar can run on various versions of Windows like 2000, 98, XP, NT, and can also run on Linux, and Mac.

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GCstar can almost manage anything, be it collection of wines,smart cards, digital photographs and images, vintage cars and antique objects collection and so on. Maintaining DVD and book collections and keeping track of them using this utility is a useful feature. One can download additional information about a movie/ book, import film related data as description from different sources to keep the collection database updated.


Here are the features of GCStar Collection Management Software:

  • Simple to download , install and use. It is as just 20MB in size and installation takes only a few simple steps.
  • Intuitive interface makes it easy for even the naive users.
  • Options to download additional information, description, obtain reviews and comments about the items in the collection makes this a very useful tool in maintaining collections.
  • Multiple language support ,in as many as 25 odd popular languages, makes the software more effective.
  • Since this is a opensource tool, the user can choose to translate and customize it in his language of choice. That is, the user can have his own language-customized copy. This can also be distributed after the translation has been validated.
  • Option to use GCstar from the command line is available.
  • Obtaining offline help and Updating the current versions of GC star is also possible.
  • Adding new websites to get further information about the collection, Sharing the collections and items on a network are other useful features.
  • A list of Display options, toolbar items for quick access are available. Tabs to display ratings, date of acquisition, lending, comments, description etc make it more useful.

All these features make the GCstar tool a feature-rich software to manage collections. Also read: OweMeCash.

GCStar is primarily for Linux, but distributions are available for GCStar for Windows and Mac as well. If you want to install this software on Windows, read download and installation instruction here. For other OS, you can check here.

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Works With: Windows, Mac, Linux
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