Free Personal Finance Management Chrome App To Track Expenses, Incomes

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Toshl Finance is a free personal finance management Chrome app that enables you to track expenses, incomes, budgets, etc. It helps you to plan your personal finance and make a detailed note of your budget enabling you to enter your expenses in any currencies. It lets you enter your own tags so that you can easily recognize your earnings or spending. The app enables you to set and maintain your budget so that you can know where your money is going, if it has gone over expense.

Toshl Finance is a nice app with a simple interface that can be used for personal finance management. It facilitates you with all the basic facilities so that you can track your money accordingly with a simple approach. You can export your expense and income reports directly to your computer. Let’s check out the cool feature of this personal finance management app below.

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Features Of Toshl Finance:

  • Simple and cool web app that can be used for personal finance management
  • Let’s you enter your expenses in any currency
  • Enables you to view exchange rates
  • Enables you to quickly enter your expenses and incomes
  • Provides multiple custom tags
  • Let’s you make a one-time budget
  • Enables you to move the remaining funds of the budget to the next budget
  • Let’s you visualize your finance with infographics using giant balls or lists
  • Allows you to export your data to CSV, excel, PDF, Google Doc and Evernote
  • Enables you to keep track of expenses on iPhone, Android, Maemo and Symbian phones

How To Use This Personal Finance Management App?

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Toshl Finance is a personal finance management cool tool that can be used to track your expenses. To use this app, you need to click on “Add to Chrome” and launch the app. Before you begin to track your money, you need to sign up with your account. As soon as you sign up it asks you for confirmation and lets you enter the currency which you use often. Once you are done with this, it automatically redirects you to the main page where you can enter the incomes, expenses and make your budget.

When you hover your mouse on the Income button located at the left topmost corner of the window, it allows you to enter the amount earned and enables you to add custom tags. You can set the date accordingly and write a description related to that amount. It also facilitates you to repeat the income monthly/yearly. You can add your expenses by clicking on the Expense button located next to it and follow the same procedure to make a note of your expenses.

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Toshl Finance also facilitates you to plan your budget, allowing you to set the type of budget: daily, weekly, monthly, etc. It also allows you to set the budget title and enables you to move the remaining funds to the next budget.

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It displays your budget in such a way that you can view your expenses and enables you to know where exactly your money is going and how you can control your expenses.

Toshl Finance 8 budget

Toshl Finance tries to be a fun app. It automatically calculates your incomes and expenses and displays it in the form of a Timeline. The app also facilitates you with nice animated graphs that can be viewed by clicking on Tags View. It gives you a beautiful view of the animated giant balloons and organizes your expenses accordingly. As you hover your mouse on these balloons, they will let you know the percentage of that particular expense with more details. The Export button located at the top allows you to export the income/ expense report to CSV, Excel, PDF, Google Docs and Evernote.

The feature of export to CSV is free, to opt for other options you need to upgrade your account and switch to PRO that facilitates you with all the features available on this web app.

Toshl Finance 7tags and export

This personal finance management app provides you with daily exchange rates for more than 30 currencies and lets you enter your expense in any currency.

Toshl Finance 9 currencies


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My Verdict for Toshl Finance:

Toshl Finance is one of the most organized personal finance management apps that can be used to track your money and plan your budgets. It takes less time to manage accounts and enables to keep things handy. This provides basic features to track your incomes/expenses. To upgrade your features and enable email reports you can switch to the Pro version (which is a paid one).

You can grab this personal finance management app from here.

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