PC Decrapifier: Uninstall Multiple Programs Together

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PC Decrapifier is a free software that can uninstall multiple programs from your PC in one go. This would clean up your PC from all the programs that you ended up installing, but you do not need any more. This uninstaller is also helpful to run when you purchase a new computer, and that comes with lot of crappy software that you do not need.

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There are so many great free software available that we end up installing a lot of them on our system. It is almost a pain to uninstall them one after one. PC Decrapifier comes really handy in such cases, and would let you uninstall multiple software together. You do not even need to uninstall PC Decrapifier, you can directly run the executable that is downloaded.

PC Decrapifier is very easy to use. It is completely free for personal use. Once you have uninstalled your software, it is recommended that you run some good free defragmentation software, so that your files are reorganized on your disk.

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