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NotiPage is a free software wherein, webpages are monitored to keep you abreast with all the updated events occurred within the webpage. When you configure a tracking alert, related to a particular webpage, NotiPage automatically checks the webpage on a fixed interval of time and will warn you by a visual and audible alert.

In addition, NotiPage gives you a notification whenever a particular application finds out a modification according to the alert set by your. This software can track upto 20 websites. NotiPage gives a visual and audible alert when the page updates. You can also set notifications for when a server becomes accessible, when website gets refreshed or even when a word is added or deleted from the website. This software can also be used to oversee a specific thread that you have created in a forum, which means that you will get a notification for whenever you receive a reply to the thread.

NotiPage is quite an advantageous software. With NotiPage, you do not require to switch onto the webpage over and over again in order to check the updates. NotiPage does all this. This desktop application allows you to create alerts for any webpage and whenever that particular website is updated, NotiPage gives you an alert. In addition to alarm, NotiPage automatically opens up that webpage as well.

Here is how to download NotiPage:

  • Go onto the website click on
  • On the website’s menu bar, click on “Downloads”
  • Click on “Download Now”
  • Click on the downloaded icon, in order to run
  • Select your preferred language
  • Click on “Install”

Now you can start setting up alerts. It is quite easy and straightforward to set up alerts.

Here is how to set-up alerts in NotiPage:

  • Double Click on the NotiPage Icon
  • Enter the name and URL for the alert. However, you need to double click on the respective option in order to edit various given options.
  • Adjust the settings such as the monitoring rate. Also adjust whether the alert are to be given when specific page updates or specific words are added to  the website.

In order to get familiar with NotiPage, you can take a look at sample NotiPage screen:


In a nutshell, NotiPage is quite a good software that saves your time of visiting the website time and again, notifies you through a visual and audio alert, whenever there is an update within the website.

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Works With: Windows XP/Server 2003/Vista/7
Free/Paid: Free

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