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WhenShallWe is a free online meeting scheduler website that helps to schedule meetings in just three simple steps. You can select dates for meeting and send invitation to people to let them post their availability. Based on their availability, you can find out what should be the best possible date to schedule a meeting. Unlike may other similar meeting scheduler websites, you don’t have to sign up to use this online meeting scheduler.

It also lets you set option to let people invite other members or edit meeting details. If you don’t want to let people edit event details, then associated option can also be disabled by you.

online meeting scheduler

Note: If you want to access any previous event details, you simply need to enter event short name, and password set by you. These details are filled while scheduling the meeting.

How To Use This Online Meeting Scheduler Website?

Go to this website’s homepage and click on Create a new event option.

create a new event option

Now follow these three steps to schedule a meeting (or event) using this free online meeting scheduler website:

1. Enter Meetings Details:

This is the most important step where you need to fill all necessary details related to your meeting. Details include:

  • Event title and name of the event owner. Event description can also be added by you.
  • Fill Login Details: This section helps to set short name and password of your event. As mentioned in the above note, these details are helpful to access your event to edit it whenever needed. Option to let users invite other people is also enabled (by default) in this section. But you can disable this option based on your requirement.

enter login details

  • Set Possible Date Range: As the name suggests, you can use this option to set date range for scheduling the meeting. Earlier possible date and latest possible date can be added using the available calendar.

set possible date range

After filling all these event details, Create Event button will be activated. Tap this button to move to the next step.

Create Guest List:

This step is very simple to use. Here, you need to enter name and email address of the recipient. You can add multiple recipients one after another, using Add button. After this, click on Done button.

enter name and email addresses of recipients

After this, your event URL will be generated.

Send Invitation To Recipients:

This is an optional step in which you can preview the invitation and send recipients invitation. If you don’t want to invite people, simply send them event URL.

If invitation is sent by you, people will receive email to directly access your invitation page. After accessing the invitation page, recipients will be able to choose their availability date, and submit their availability.

select availability date and submit response

Owner of the event can access his / her invitation page and check out the responses sent by people. Green boxes indicate the availability of people. Based on the responses, you will also find the best suitable date to schedule your meeting. If you are satisfied, simply tap on Schedule button, and your meeting will be scheduled.

schedule meeting

You can manually tell people about scheduled date for meeting or can send them email notification directly using the website.


WhenShallWe is a handy meeting scheduler website. Three steps process makes it fast and easy to use as well. You can make use of this website to schedule meetings whenever needed.

Try WhenShallWe free.

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