Create QR Codes with Avatars, Generative Artwork on this Website

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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is a free website that lets you create QR codes with the help of generative AI. It takes a text prompt form you and then generates that art and embed it in the QR code in such a way that the QR is still scannable. You can generate QR code for a piece of text or URL. It intelligently embeds the generative art in the QR code and then you can download or share that with anyone you like.

There are tons of QR generator we have covered. But now we are stepping into the world of AI and hence we now need next generation of QR and Bar codes. AI art is a hot topic these days and various models have gone popular tool such as Stable Diffusion. And now to take things to the next level, developers are now integrating generative art in various day to day applications. is also doing same thing but with the QR codes.

Create QR Codes with Avatars, Generative Artwork

Create QR Codes with Avatars, Generative Artwork on this Website

Access here and here to start generating a QR code with AI art. But you need to create a free account to get stated. So, sign up and then on the main UI, you can discover some already generate QR code design. main website

Start by specifying the text prompt to generate art that will be used in the QR code. So, specify the text prompt in the same as you would for Stabel Diffusion or Dall-E.

Enter Text Prompt

Now, you need to enter the QR code data. Enter the URL or the text that will appear after scanning the QR code. Now, hit the Generate button and sit back. set output parameter

It will take some time and when it is done, a final QR code will be displayed to you. You can test it and download it. QR Code Generated

In the same way, you can repeat the process and then generate more QR codes with generative art. You can literally use any prompt and then it will take care of the rest.

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If you’ve been using online QR code generators then you must try these nee QR code generators that can intelligently embed avatars, and kinds of generative art inside. The fascinating thing is that even after being so bold and different colored, they are perfectly scannable! So go give it a try and let me know what you think.

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