5 Free Websites To Learn Palmistry Online

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to learn Palmistry. Palmistry is basically the art of reading palms. As per Palmistry, the lines, mounts, fingers, nails, and other elements on your hand supposedly tell about characteristics, behavior, fortune, and much more.

These websites will give you detailed idea about what Palmistry is all about. You can definitely enhance your knowledge in the field of Palmistry, but can’t call yourself as an expert as these are not professional courses, but good enough for casual knowledge.

Palmistry Free

Palmistry Free

Palmistry Free is a free website to learn palmistry online. This free palmistry learning website gives you detailed descriptions of the basic principle of the palmistry.  It gives you short description and the role of each line that is present on your  palm. It gives you instructions that you can use to analyze type of hands and other elements like mounts, fingers, nails, etc. along  with the traits and character of each element.

In addition, this website provide your basic queries and suggestions related to career, family & friends, personality & self, and many more. They are pretty fun to read :)

Find Your Fate

Find Your Fate

Find Your Fate is another website that gives you basic knowledge related to palmistry. This website gives you detailed description about when hands should be read, along with the proper method of palm reading. It tells you how many types of fingers, nails, fingers, thumb, lines, etc. along with hand types. It gives you significance of each element related to palm.

Unlike the previous website this website only provide you descriptions of each element but does not provides you general queries along with suggestions.

What I especially like in this website is that it does not claims that Palmistry can predict future. Instead, it talks about Palmistry as a “method of counselling”, which makes lot of sense.



Palmistry is another free website that gives you detailed description of palmistry and related elements. This website provides you beginners guide and guidelines to read palm along with its benefits. It describes the significance of each line that is present on the hand. This palm reading website also  gives you an overview of the interpretations.

Mrs Palm Reader


Mrs Palm Reader is free palm reading website that provides you basic palmistry course. This website provide you 3 courses.: Palm reading course, Lines of palmistry, and The method to read palms. It also provide you significance of the mounts that are present on palms.



YourPalmistry is the last, but definitely not the least, in this list of online palm reading websites. This website explains basic principles of palmistry. This website, like all the above, talks about various types of lines, fingers, thumbs and their significance.

In addition to all these features, it also gives you a brief idea about the Psychic palmistry that tells about various types of psychic abilities and relative talents, which serve to be informative and I personally enjoyed reading this section.

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So, this concludes our short list of Palmistry websites. If you are curious to know more about Palmistry, then spend some time on these websites to get a better idea about what it is all about. Of course, I won’t believe everything they say, and its better to consider them with a grain of salt.

Happy Palm reading.

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