5 Free Kundali Making or Horoscope Making Websites

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Here are 5 Free Kundali Making or Horoscope Making Websites for those who believe in destiny and predictions. These websites will help you with horoscope making, horoscope software, online kundali making, let you create kundali, basically come up with predictions according to your Date of Birth, Time, Place of Birth and other basic details. Let’s get into details of each Horoscope Websites.


Kundali is one of the most popular website to create kundali/horoscope. The free kundali making website provides a full-fledged 40 page kundali and horoscope for free. You can easily create free Vedic Birth chart or Free Janma Kundali with this website.


You just need to submit you basic details such as Name, Date of Birth, Time of Birth, and Place of Birth, this free horoscope making service will automatically take latitude & longitude of birth place from database.

Once you are done with your submission, this free online service to create Kundali will bring your Vedic Birth chart following with Scientific Predictions based on 1st planetary Position & on 2nd planetary Position. Go ahead and know you future..!


Astrojyoti is a horoscope making website that helps you to download free horoscope software to create horoscope. This free horoscope software brings you a complete Vedic Birth chart or Janma Kundali from where you can predict your future, can decide which career will be suitable to you and more regarding your future.


For working on this free horoscope software, click on “make your horoscope” link given at the bottom of the page. Click on the downloaded icon, it will display four charts. These are default details that have been filled in the chart. To make your own chart, just click on “File”—> “New”. You will get a data-box in which you will be required to fill in your basic details.

Logon to the website to check what exactly you need to fill up in the boxes given in the data-box. Go ahead and create Kundali free..!!


MyKundali is another popular website that helps you to create Janma Kundali online. Since this free kundali making website is a web-based software, hence you neither need to purchase costly software nor install any software on your computer for creating Kundali.

Just submit you personal details such as Name, DOB, Time od Birth, & a few more, and get Kundali in just a few seconds.


This free online Kundali service gives you 40+ pages Kundali. You can download your Kundali in PDF format. The website also comes up with other services such match kundali online for marriage purposes. Go ahead and download Kundali and save it in your computer permanently..!

Astrology Birth Charts & horoscopes

Astrology Birth Charts & horoscopes is yet another free website that lets you create Kundali online. This free Kundali website incorporates all the functions of Indian Astrology software online.

Astrology Birth Charts & horoscopes

You just need to submit your date of birth and place of birth. With your date and place of birth, you can find your rising sign and the positions of the other stars in your Vedic birth chart, with birth chart reading and a great choice of graphics, of course only if you know how to read birth charts.

In order to get started, click on “Astrology Birth chart- Online birth chart free try” link given at the web page. Submit your details and read your future. Go ahead and read horoscope free.


Ending my short post with this last but of course not the least Kundali/Horoscope website, Astrosage. This free website to create Kundali or Vedic Birth chart helps you with your life predictions such as regarding nature, behavior, education, career, marriage and more.


In order to get started with Horoscope making, you need to register yourself with the website. Once you have registered yourself, you will be taken to a page where you will be required to submit your basic credentials such as Name, DOB, POB, Time and so on.

Soon you will find Vedic Birth or horoscope in various categories such as My Chart (Kundali), MY Day Today, and many more. In order to read any of the categories, click on the respective given link. Go ahead and read your future, check what your Birth chart says about your career, wedding, nature..!

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