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XRay XML Editor is a free XML Editor that lets you create and edit error-free XML documents. It’s a powerful XML Editor that does real-time parsing of your XML text and gives instant feedback about the state of your XML document. It checks every line of code that you type, in real-time, and tells weather it is syntactically correct or not. And if not, it indicates the type of error you have made with its proper description.

XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language. It was designed with a purpose to transport and store data, and not to display data. That is why it has no standard format or fixed programming tags. XML tags are invented by the author of XML documents. XML documents can be easily created or edited by a plain text editor like notepad. But, since it doesn’t have any fixed programming syntax, it’s always good to use an intelligent XML editor to write error-free XML code.

XRay XML Editor is one such free XML editor which not only lets you write error-free XML documents, but also helps you in learning XML faster.

free xml editor interface

A Brief Overview of this Free XML Editor:

XRay XML Editor is a multi-window editor which has been designed primarily with a motive to help you learn XML. If you are new to XML, then this is the right tool for you. XRay XML Editor comes with a lot of XML tools to help you learn not just XML, but other XML-related initiatives such as SOAP, BizTalk, ebXML, Web Services, and many more.

It helps you in quickly learning XML by highlighting all syntactical errors you make and letting you correct them in real-time.

xray xml editor errors 01

The XML Editing Window comprises of an XML Editing Area and XML Error Indicator window. You can write all your XML document or schema inside the editing area. Your text will be verified on every key stroke and errors are shown inside the error indicator. This window can be of 4 colors.

xray xml editor multiple windows

  • “Yellow” color indicates that no document is currently loaded in the window.
  • “Pink” indicates some syntactical error. The errors are shown in the error box along with the line number.
  • “Orange” color indicates that the code is in XSD Schema and there is an error in the schema.
  • “Green” color indicates that there is no syntactical error in the text.

Apart from the Error Indicator window, it also shows a Schema indicator, which shows the valid state of your XML document.

xray xml editor errors desc

XRay XML Editor has a built-in support for W3C eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformation (XSLT). XSLT is a programming language which transforms XML documents from one structure to another, or into a non-XML structure. Apart from that, it also supports real-time schema validation by showing schema syntax and content errors of following type of schemas: XML 1.0 Document Type Definition (DTD), Microsoft XML Data Reduced (XDR), and World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) XML Schema (XSD).

For more details on all schema types and other XML tutorials, you may refer the help file of XRay XML Editor.

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Key Features of XRay XML Editor:

  • Free XML Editor: XRay XML Editor is a free XML Editor that allows you to create and edit error-free XML documents.
  • Real Time XML Editing: It parse the whole document in real-time and lets you fix your errors as soon as you make them.
  • Real Time XSLT Processing: It also supports real-time W3S XSLT processing.
  • Real Time Schema Validation: It provides support for real-time schema validation and allows you to create DTD, XDR, and XSD Schema.
  • Workspaces: XRay XML Editor provides XRay workspaces to keep many XML files together, including XML documents, schemas, XSLT transformations, and other related documents.

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The Final Verdict:

XRay XML Editor is a nice and powerful XML Editor that not only lets you create and edit error-free XML documents, but also helps you in quickly learning XML. It highlights the syntactical errors in real-time and lets you easily correct them by indicating the lines of text where the errors have been made. Moreover, It provides full support for W3C XML and XSLT with real-time processing.

Download XML Editor free.

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