AI Based Free Email Validation API for Developers: Bolt

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Bolt is free AI based email validation API for developers. In the free tier, it offers 2000 validations and performs some serious checks on the input email addresses that you specify. It validates email syntax along with the domain and MX records and then show you the result. Not only that but it intelligently checks whether a mailbox actually exists by giving it a score. It offers you code snippets for a lot of programming languages and shell tools like cURL or Httpie. You just need to get an API key and then start using it.

Most email validation APIs out there check domain name and MX records only. So even if an email address doesn’t exists those APIs will still show success status because MX records and domain are valid. But that is not the case with the API here. It actually shows whether the target mailbox exists and is deliverable. You can implement this API on your websites to block invalid and non existing email addresses quickly. All you have to do is just make simple API calls and get the specified email verified.

AI Based Free Email Validation API for Developers Bolt

Using this Free Email Validation API:

You can sign up for this API here. It lets you sign up using Google or email address. From the dashboard, you can get your API key and see code snippets for various programming languages. You can copy the code snippet for your favorite programming language and make the call.

Get the Snippet Bolt

For example in case with Python, see the code below. It uses Python Requests library to make a call and returns the response. The response is in JSON format and you see that in the screenshot below. So, make sure that you have Python with Request library installed. Copy the snippet, change input email address, and then execute it.

import requests
url = ""
payload = "{\n\t\"email\": \"\"\n}"
headers = {
'content-type': "application/json",
'authorization': "Bearer bolt_3be1xxxxxx760f"
response = requests.request("POST", url, data=payload, headers=headers)

Bolt API in action

If you are more comfortable with other programming languages such as .net, Ruby, PHP, etc., then you can get the corresponding script and run it. It automatically adds your API key in the code snippet and you only have to change the input email address. And in this way, you can keep using this API and validate any kind of any email address. However, do note that this API doesn’t really filter temporary email address as they are deliverable.

Final thoughts

Bolt is one of the best free email validation APIs I have ever used. If you are a developer and thinking of implementing email verification then you can use this API. Just create an account, get the key, and start validating emails that you get from sign up forms. Also, I liked the online dashboard where you can see the stats of the checks that you have made via the API.

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