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Ask Me Anything is the free official Reddit AMA app for iPhone. This app lets you check out all the latest, popular, and trending AMA’s of Reddit in an easy and cool way. You can also use this app to ask questions if there is any active AMA on Reddit.

If you are unaware of Reddit AMA: AMA is the acronym for Ask Me Anything sub-Reddit. In this sub-Reddit, any celebrity or any Reddit user gives permission to other Reddit users to ask him / her anything on any topic.

This app lets you search for AMAs on the basis of categories, as well as using manual search. You can also upvote / down vote on AMAs based on your experience.

Reddit AMA

Using This Reddit AMA App for iPhone:

You can use this app with or without using your Reddit username as per your choice. The only difference is that if you opt for without Reddit username, then you will not be able to ask question and vote on AMA but you can still browse and read AMAs.

On launching the app, you will see the home screen of the app, displaying HOT AMAs with AMA title, name of the user doing AMA, number of votes, and time elapsed since AMA was created. You can also see an icon at right side, depicting the sub-reddit for the AMA. If you want to change this default category, then tap on ASK ME ANYTHING option at top to choose from: Recent, and All-Time.

Ask Me Anything Official Reddit App for iPhone Interface

In case you are interested in categories for reading AMAs, then tap on the icon at top left corner. You can choose from different categories, like: Entertainment, Science/Tech,  Music, Journalism, Games, Politics, Sports, Arts, Business, and many more. There is also a search bar at the top in which you can type search terms for searching any specific AMA.

Categories of AMAs

After finding your favorite AMA, tap on it to read about it in detail. From here, you can read description, check questions (Answered/Asked), and upvote / downvote AMA or any particular question/answer. You can also share AMA from here.

Reading AMAs

As I said, if you want to vote or take part in AMA, then you have to login using your Reddit ID. You can do it by tapping on the icon at top right corner of app’s home screen.

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Final Verdict:

Ask Me Anything is an app which offers almost everything which you can expect from an official Reddit AMA app for iPhone. The app has a nice and easy to use interface. You will surely love it if you are an active user of Reddit AMA.

Get Ask Me Anything here.

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