Freee iPhone 3D Basketball Game: Basketball Kings

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Basketball Kings is a free iPhone 3D basketball game in which your aim is to throw the basketball in the basket. The app provides you with the opportunity of throwing the ball from different angles and distances which makes this game a fun to play.

The game has 6 different modes for you to play. Each of them has Easy/Hard difficulty level. You can choose to play either single or online. The players and all the objects in the game are in complete 3D with reflections, which gives you a realistic experience. You can also customize your player with 5 characters, 20+ basketballs, 30+ jerseys and different courts. While playing the game, you can collects MPs, unlock various achievements, complete levels, and much more. The app also syncs with your Facebook account.

Basketball Kings

Gameplay Of Basketball Kings:

You can get the Basketball Kings either from iTunes App Store or by clicking on the link given at the end of this review. The gameplay of the game is very simple. You have to play the game like a real basketball player who is trying to throw the ball in the basket. You need to swipe in upwards direction for throwing the ball. It sounds easy, but in reality, you need to swipe the screen by keeping in mind that the ball should go into the basket. You have to do so by analyzing the distance, height, and angle of basket from your player.

Playing Basketball Kings

When you launch the game, you will see two options at the home screen: Single and Online. The Single option lets you play the game locally without any internet connection. The game has 4 free modes to play: Tournament, Arcade, Time Attack, and Single Ball. In addition, there are two paid modes as well: All-Stars and Block.

Different Game Modes

  • Tournament: As the name suggests, this is a tournament mode. In this mode, you have to clear all the levels by completing the challenges put in front of you. You can try any level unlimited number of times until you have cleared it. In each level, you have to earn predefined number of points by throwing the ball into the basket in a given time period.
  • Arcade: In the Arcade mode, you have got 5 basketballs. Your aim is to earn points as much as possible but remember that with each missed shot, you will lose 1 ball.
  • Time Attack: In this mode, you have got unlimited number of balls to throw but with just 1 minute in your hand. So go out there in the court and score as many points as you can in those 60 seconds.
  • Single Ball: This is one of the most difficult and thrilling mode available in the game. You have got just one ball to show your basketball skills. It means there are no retakes, no retries, no goof-ups and no regrets. The only thing that matters here is perfection. So, check your true skills with this level.

Scores On Completing Level

If you are still hungry for more, then you can tap on ONLINE anytime to play against real opponents from around the world.  You can make this game even more interesting by competing against your friends. You just need to link your Facebook account with the game.

The app also has leaderboard for checking your standings in whole world as well as in your own country.

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Final Verdict:

I found Basketball Kings for iPhone to be very entertaining game with 3D experience. During my testing of the game, I didn’t face any lagging issues or any other problems. The customization features are also awesome. If you are a basketball fan and would like to experience that how does it feel to hit those shots in the court, then do try this game.

Get Basketball Kings here.

Editor Ratings:
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Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
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