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Talkz is a free iPhone messaging app with talking stickers. Yes you read it right, this app lets you send talking stickers. By talking stickers means that whatever you will type and send, will be received by the other user in form of a sticker. When he will tap on the sticker, then that sticker will read out the message sent by you to the user. Doesn’t it sound exciting and interesting. The app consists of various stickers, like: Barack Obama, Governator, Astronaut, Kangaroo, American Male Bulldog, and many more. You can also create your custom stickers from their website for free.

Apart from just sending talking stickers, you can also use this app for sending Location on map, music, videos, doodle, and images. The app also supports voice to text and text to speech feature to enhance messaging experience. You can use the app to have 1-on-1 as well as group chat. The app also supports about 25 languages along with their accent to give you the real feel when sticker talks. The other cool feature of the app is that it lets you edit and delete message even after sending it.

Sending Talking Sticker

Note: The app also has option for creating custom stickers, but it didn’t work for me.

Using This iPhone Messaging App With Talking Stickers:

Talkz is a free simple to use app. First, you are required to sign-up with the app, which you can do using your email address or Facebook account. After this, the app will take you to the interface from where you can see all your contacts. If none of your friends are on Talkz, then you can invite them to use the app. If you have friends on the app, then you can search for them by tapping the icon at top right corner. I am assuming that you have friends on the app and you are connected with them. You will find your contact list as shown in screenshot posted below.

Talkz Contacts List

Tap on the contact with whom you want to have chat. You will see the messaging area with text box and other options at bottom. If you want to have group chat, then you can add additional contacts by tapping on icon at top right. For sending talking stickers, you only have to type the text in the given blank box. The app converts the text into audio and sends it in the form of talking sticker automatically. When the receiver will tap on the sticker, he will listen the sticker reading your message. The app lets you choose the sticker type and also the accent for it to speak. You can do it from Settings, which I will explain a little later.

Sending Talking Sticker

On the right side of text box, you can see that there is a three dot icon. Tap on this icon to get extra options for sending: Location on map, Music file, Video, Doodle, and Image from your device.

Other Messaging Options

  • Location Map: Tap on this icon and enter name of the location you are looking for. The app will find it on map and you can send to your friends with just one tap.
  • Music File: To share songs, tap on this option. Search for the song using search bar and tap on it to send it.
  • Videos: Similar to music file option, search for the video and tap on it to share.
  • Doodle: This option lets you do freestyle drawing for sending it to friends. You can also choose from an existing photo for doodling on it, before sharing the photo.
  • Image: This option is for simply sharing any image.

As I said earlier, you can also change the sticker including his accent. To do so, tap on your profile icon to get different options. Among them, tap on More Settingz. Now, you will find two options: Sticker and Language. Choose the option you want to change.

Selecting Sticker and Accent

Note: The app doesn’t let you download any of the music file, video, and image. You can use them only when online.

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Final Verdict:

Talkz is a good iPhone messaging app with talking stickers. The concept of the app is really unique and interesting. I really loved the way these stickers read the message. Each of the sticker has its own unique voice, which make you try all of them. Do give this app a try.

Get Talkz here.

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