5 Free HEX To RGB Converter Chrome Extensions

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Here are 5 free HEX to RGB converter Chrome extensions.

These Chrome extensions help you to quickly generate RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) values of a color; if you have hexadecimal code of a color. Apart from this main purpose, these HEX to RGB Chrome extensions have many other features.

Most of these Chrome extensions can convert RGB to HEX codes. So, even if you have RGB value of a particular color, you can generate HEX value of a color that you want to use as interior or exterior color for your home. Some of these HEX to RGB converter Chrome extensions are also helpful to show you the color that is associated with a particular HEX or RGB value.

So, let’s start with the first HEX to RGB converter Chrome extension available in this list.


Color-Converter Chrome extension pop-up

This is a very good HEX to RGB converter Chrome extension. Its extension icon opens a small pop-up where HEX to RGB conversion is done. You just enter the HEX value, press enter, and it will immediately show you RGB value of that color. You can also use it as RGB to HEX converter. So when you have RGB value of a color and wants to know its HEX value, this extension is useful.

Apart from generating RGB and HEX values of a color, it also provides HSL (Hue, Saturation, and Lightness) value. Moreover, it also shows the color related to the values. So when you have HEX or RGB value, but you don’t know the color associated with that value, this HEX to RGB Chrome extension will come in handy.

Color Space

Color Space Chrome Extension

Color Space is an interesting HEX to RGB color converter extension for Google Chrome. Apart from its main task of converting HEX code to RGB value or RGB to HEX, it also lets you Search any color. You can use Search box to enter the name of any color and it will show suggestions related to a color. For example, if you type ‘Yellow’, then it will show suggestions like Lemon Yellow, Orange Yellow, Peach Yellow, etc. So it also increases your knowledge regarding the shades of a color.

When you select a suggestion, it shows its RGB and HEX values. It also indicates the color in the color palette or cycle. So, if you need multiple features, this Chrome extension is a good choice.

Savedev Code Converter

Savedev Code Converter Chrome Extension

Savedev Code Converter is actually an all in one code converter Chrome extension.Whether you want to convert HEX to RGB, RGB to HEX, XML to JSON, Text to Uppercase, Lowercase, Text to Morse code, etc., this Chrome extension is useful.

You just need to click its extension icon, select input format from the list, enter input, and the output will be in front of you. This Chrome extension won’t show you the color related to the associated RGB or HEX value, but surely a good extension to convert HEX to RGB and vice-versa.

RGB HEX Converter

RGB HEX Converter pop-up

This is the simplest HEX to RGB converter Chrome extension in this list. You can also use it as RGB to HEX converter Chrome extension. All you need to do is enter HEX code and it will show RGB value in real-time.

This Chrome extension doesn’t show the color preview. So, if you don’t know which color is associated with the HEX or RGB values entered by you, then this extension won’t be helpful. It has a simple and straightforward purpose only, which is to convert RGB to HEX and vice-versa.

Hex and RGB Color

HEX and RGB Color Chrome extension pop up and color palette

Hex and RGB Color (also known as Color Pic) is also a handy Chrome extension. It works in a different manner. You can use its icon to open its pop-up. Its pop-up has two different sections. The lower section is used to select a particular color using a color palette. As soon as you select a color, it will show its HEX code and RGB value within that color palette.

The above section is used to set the RGB values using the sliders and it will generate its HEX code. The color preview is also visible for the set range of RGB values.

We have also covered 5 free websites to convert HEX code to RGB and RGB to HEX.

The Verdict:

Among all these HEX to RGB converter Chrome extensions, I support the very first Chrome extension in this list. The reason is it is perfect to convert HEX code to RGB values and vice-versa, plus shows the color preview in the result. Select the one that suits you most.

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