Free Windows 8 Detective Game: Another Case Solved

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Another Case Solved is a free Windows 8 detective game. In this game you are a detective and solve personal problems of people, for example – to find missing cats, find anonymous people/informants. You roam around the places, collect clues, interview witnesses, and solve the case. In return people pay you money for solving their problems. With that money you can upgrade your office, like buy new furniture, lights, office and many more things.

You can create your own personalized detective and customize their look with hair style, outfits, eyes, clothes, etc.  The best part of the game is that it lets you play in story mode.

You can also upload your score and office’s picture on Facebook directly through the app.

Another Case Solved-Home

Gameplay of this Windows 8 detective game:

The police work overtime fighting big criminals, so the common people with their common problems have only one option left – to call a private detective. In this game, you are a private detective. People call you to solve their problems. Use your logical skills to solve their problem. There are many story-driven cases to keep you busy for hours.

Another Case Solved-Story

Solve a series of cases by gathering clues, tracking down witnesses, and questioning suspects. You can unlock many different levels in this game.

To solve a problem, you will be given a board. Each board consists of icons of footprints, clues, maps, and many more things. You need to make a chain of similar things to collect clues. Try to make as long a chain as you can by using your logical skills. Use hints and tools like post it notes, pins, and sponge to solve the problems easily.

After solving the case, people pay you in return. Use this money to upgrade your office. You can also check upcoming tasks/cases. You can also search for candies in your office and can use them to speed up your search for evidence.

Solve problems, earn money, bonus, and stars in return. Solve cases as quickly as possible to become a famous detective of the city.

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How to play Another Case Solved detective game for Windows 8:

You can get Another Case Solved app free from Windows store by clicking on the link given at the end of this review.

After launching the game, you will find a Play button. Click on play button to start. You will be redirected to a page where you can customize your detective. Customize your detective as per your choice.

Another Case Solved- detective

After customizing the detective, go to your office by clicking on back button. There you can find different options like mirror to customize your detective any time you want, Board named Foresight to check upcoming tasks, Newspaper to search people in problems, Detective store to buy different stuffs.

Another Case Solved-office

Click on desk to get chapter wise task. You need to complete one task to unlock another. Every task is story driven to keep you hooked. Go through every story to know everything about the case.

Another Case Solved- case

You can also click on newspaper to get task’s ads. Click on the ad to handle and solve the problem.

Another Case Solved-News paper

Click on the allotted task to start the game. After staring the game, you will find a board with different icons like footprints, key, question marked icons, etc. In every new level, new icons are added on the board.

Another Case Solved-allotted case

Make a chain of similar icons. To make chain, click on any icon, and then drag it to adjacent similar icons. Try to make a chain of at least 5 similar icons to collect evidence. When you collect all the evidence, then the problem is solved else it is failed.

Another Case Solved- Make chain

If you are struck somewhere, then you can use three different tools to help you out: Post-it Notes, Pins, and Sponge.

Another Case Solved-Tools 

  • Post-it Notes to shuffle the board.
  • Pins to collect all tiles in three pins.
  • Sponge changes all the clues of the board into new one.

You can also share your score with Facebook friends directly through the app.


Another Case Solved is a detective game for Windows 8 with a new concept. In this game you don’t need to find evidence by searching everywhere in a particular building or area. You just need to solve a puzzle board to get evidence and hence solve the problem. I enjoyed this game a lot. The best thing I like about the game is that every case is story-driven. You can improve your logical skills with this game. The different tasks manage to keep you engaged for hours. If you are looking for a detective game, then you should try it.

Get Another Case Solved game app here.

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