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Sticky Password is a free password manager that helps you log into different web accounts without having to fill in the credentials yourself. It securely stores all the login credentials that you have on different web accounts and provides a master password to access all your accounts.

Sticky Password allows you to save your login credentials at one place and control them with a master password. You can import login credentials of your different web accounts or app accounts into Sticky Password, and it will automatically log you into those accounts just by entering a master password. Thus, you don’t need to remember different login credentials you have; just save them in Sticky Password, and access any web account with a single master password.

sticky password free password manager

Not only that, you can also save your identities to Sticky Passwords, to quickly fill forms on any website. Moreover, you can save bookmarks to your favorite website to access them quickly.

Add Your Web Accounts to Sticky Password:

Sticky Password is an easy to use utility. After installation, it will prompt you to enter a Master Password, which will give you access to all those account credentials that you will store in Sticky Password.

sticky password master password creation

You can then, continue login to your web account like you usually do. When you press “Sign in”, Sticky Password will prompt you to save your login id and password in it’s database. Click on “Add New account” option to save the login credentials of this account to Sticky Password. You can store the login credentials of all your web accounts to Sticky Password in the same way.

sticky password login

The very next time when you start logging in your web account, Sticky Password will prompt a list of all the available login ids of that account. You can choose any id, and with the single mouse click, you will be automatically logged in to your account.

sticky password automatic login

Likewise, you can add login details of your app accounts to Sticky Password and access your account without having to enter the credential every time.

Add Your App Accounts to Sticky Password:

You can add account credentials of different apps like Yahoo!Messenger, Skype, etc., to Sticky Password and access them directly through the program’s interface. Just right-click on the system tray icon, select “Open Sticky Password”, and click on App Accounts tab. This will take you to the app accounts section where you will see different applications listed below. You can select any application and fill the login credentials of that application to add it to Sticky Password.

sticky password app login

You can also Add Web Accounts, in same way through the Web Accounts section. In fact, the program’s interface also let’s you add Bookmarks, Identities, and Secure Memos. Let’s have a look on all of them, one by one.

Add your Identities to Sticky Password:

While filling online forms, you are asked to enter your identities like your full name, your age, postal address, pin code, date of birth, marital status, etc. You can save these identities to Sticky Password. After adding the identities, you can directly insert them to any form without the need of entering them again and again. To insert values to these fields just click on the caption button in your browser and select one of the previously saved identities.

sticky password caption

Add Bookmarks to Sticky Password:

You can also add bookmarks to your favorite websites like this. Just visit the website and click on the caption button on your browser. Then, select “Bookmark this Page” option to add a bookmark for the website in Sticky Password. You can then, easily open the website from the Bookmarks section.

Add Secure Memos to Sticky Password:

Sticky Passwords also helps you to create long memo descriptions, which you can save, copy to the clipboard, and insert anywhere you want.

Create Strong Password using Sticky Password’s Password Generator:

Sticky Password also has an in-built password generator, which can generate strong passwords, up to 99 characters long.

Note: Sticky passwords will be locked if the system remains idle for more than 10 seconds. You can unlock Sticky Password from the system tray icon.

Some Other Key Features of this Free Password Manager:

Apart from the above listed functionalities, Sticky Password also has some great features which makes it even more interesting:

  • Quick Launch: You can select any credentials from Sticky Password and auto launch the selected web account or app account in a single mouse click.
  • Context Menu Add-ons: Sticky Password will add links to all your added accounts in it’s context menu. You can select any option from this menu to quickly launch the web account, app account. bookmarks, or memos. 
  • Automatic Password Generation: It will prompt you every time you are signing up with some web app, to automatically generate a strong password for you.
  • Support for multiple Browsers: Sticky Password works with a great number of web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Maxthon, Flock, and SeaMonkey.
  • Import and Export Credentials: You can even import your credential details from a different password manager or web browser. The export function is also available in HTML, XML, and Plain Text format.
  • Secure Password encryption: Sticky Password ensures the strongest encryption algorithms, including military-grade AES algorithm to encrypt it’s database.
  • Protection against Key-loggers: It’s auto filling capabilities ensures that there is nothing for the key logger applications to record.
  • Protection against Phishing Scams: Sticky Password does not send your login credentials to fake websites, ensuring protection against phishing scams.

Also, check some other password manager software like LoginCode, Sisma, and LastPass.

The Final Verdict:

Sticky Password is a useful app to easily manage the large collection of your login credentials for the multiple web and app accounts you have. This handy and reliable software helps in quickly accessing your web accounts, your app accounts, and your favorite websites. It also helps in quickly filling lengthy online forms by auto filling the desired identities. Moreover, you can use it to generate strong passwords, as well as to save secure memos which you can copy to the clipboard and paste anywhere.

Download sticky Password free.

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