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sChecklist is a free and portable checklist app. Possibly the simplest checklist I have ever seen, it is a serious little program. Developed with the sole intention of providing a minimalist checklist app with no fancy or elaborate features, the application is quite capable of keeping track of your to-do list. Due to its concentrated functionality, sChecklist is extremely easy to use. All you can see is rows of text entries and checkbox against each entry!

Nonetheless, it offers multiple list interface, edit/rearrange list and entries, behavioral configuration settings, etc.

sChecklist Main UI

How to Create a Checklist and Make Entries

Creating a checklist in sChecklist is a breeze. Due to its no-nonsense interface, the functionality of the application is very straightforward. It will take no time to figure out what it does. So, lets cut to the chase and start creating a checklist! Since it is portable software, you don’t need to install it. Simply launch the executable file and you are inside the sCheklist interface!

Click on the New Checklist button to create a checklist. Give the checklist a name, which is relevant to the activity and easy to identify. Do not use any special characters like * ? < and >.

sChecklist Add Checklist

To add entries under a checklist, click on the New entry button. Keep adding one entry after another until you cover everything that needs to be done for that particular checklist. A checkbox is given against each entry you make. Tick off the entry (activity) that has been completed! This is basically the essence of a checklist.

sChecklist Add Entries to Checklist

You can also check all/ uncheck all entries. Editing a checklist is also very simple. Simply right click over a checklist to bring out the menu. You can edit checklist name, duplicate or delete the checklist from here.

sChecklist Edit Checklist

Similarly, right click anywhere over the Entries section to bring out the right click menu. Here, you can cut/copy/paste data, reorder the entries or delete the selection. In order to edit an entry name, simply double click on the entry.

sChecklist Manage Entries

Other features of sChecklist

sChecklist is all about providing a traditional or stock experience of maintaining a checklist. You are not allowed to expect any extraordinary or elaborate features in this simple software. The software lacks time tracker, or creation of categories or sub-tasks.

sChecklist Options

If you are looking for such features, this is not the app for you! But if you are like me who loves minimalism, you will definitely love this tool! So, here are some additional features that sChecklist offers:

  • Change fonts for checklist and entries that you make
  • Hide/Show hotkey
  • Sort checklists by different parameters
  • Dedicated always on top button
  • Two different entry viewing modes


sChecklist is really simple and fast. The developer of this program expects your indifference towards certain features (deemed “whiz-bang” and fancy) which are missing in this minimalist checklist app. However, the software does exactly what it is made for–to give you a clean and uncluttered to-do list. So, if you are looking for a simple looking and to-the-point checklist creator, sChecklist is definitely worth a try!

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