MediaRover: Share and Sync iTunes Library on Multiple Computers

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MediaRover is a free software that allows you to sync your music collection across different computers. The application is easy to use and very helpful when you want to share your music collection in your iTunes library with your friends and family.

Many times it happens that you want to share your whole music collection in your iTunes library with your friends. Generally it’s difficult to share the entire collection with people, but with MediaRover it’s easy and simple. You can also read HomePipe, PulpTunes and Psonar for storing and sharing music online.


MediaRover needs to be installed on your computer and it automatically gets installed on your Network Attached Storage (NAS) device from where the application actually works. Since you are not supposed to install the application on your NAS, users with less knowledge of the computers will also be able to use the program successfully.

The local library of iTunes songs and play lists should be stored on your hard drive. You can use this freeware to sync your music collection for up to 8 computers.  Sonos and other streaming devices read your family’s MediaRover shared music library directly from the NAS. As songs and play lists are added or changed, Sonos units are updated automatically. Thus the freeware is completely automated and do not require you to keep updating the folders repeatedly. Also read: Free iTunes Alternatives.

You might have music collection at your home, which you want to sync with your work machine, in this scenario MediaRover works best, since the entire collection can be shared without any hassles and within a click. To use the application just sign-in with the website and since sign-in form is short and simple, it will take just couple of minutes to complete the entire form.  After signing in you will be provided with an access code which will help you to start using the software on your desktop.

Once done, you need to enter a provided access code to MediaRover application on your computer to get it working. The software will then analyze your system and internet connection, as well as check the iTunes library for any conflicts that may hinder the sync process. Once set up, it lets you choose certain settings regarding maintaining the consistency. You can customize the settings of the app as per your choice. If you want you can disable the option for auto update or auto deletion of songs from the iTunes library after sync.

This cross platform application will check your set up with your NAS devices and is very compatible with gaming consoles and streaming devices like Sonos. Once you have finished the setting up MediaRover, all your music collection in the iTunes library will be transferred to NAS and from there they will be made available to the computers that are authorized to access the media.

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Works With: Windows, Mac OS X
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