Firefox Add On To Customize Browser Using Stratiform

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Stratiform is a Firefox add on using which you can customize your Firefox browser according to your choice. You get the liberty to set the browser page as you like to.

There are various options like you can adjust the colour of the tabs, colour of the inactive tabs, set the tab width, change the font of the browser and many more. To get a better understanding of the functions it provides keep reading further.

Have a look at the screenshot below to see the customized browser:

customized browser

Options To Customize Browser In Startiform:

There are five options by which you can customize your browser. There is Styles, colours, settings, stratiform and presets.

Under the Style menu you have options to change the:

  • Toolbar buttons: which affects the style of the navigation toolbar.
  • Icon Buttons: which affects the icons in the navigation toolbar.
  • Tab buttons: which will change the font of the inactive and the opened tab.
  • Text Fields: which changes the style of the location bar and search bar.
  • Add-On bar: changes the style of the add on bar.
  • Status pop-up: changes the style of the pop up that appears when loading a new page.
  • Application Button: changes the application menu button.

See the screenshot below to look at the options under style menu:

Stratiform settings


Then there is the Colours menu where you can change the colour of the buttons in the navigation toolbar, colour of the active and the inactive tabs and also the colour of the application button.

The setting menu will allow you to adjust the height and width of the tabs. Other than that you can customize the toolbar by flipping the location bar and position of the bookmark star.

The Stratiform menu will change your add on’s bar colours and reset your settings.

The Presets menu will change the font of the tab.

These are the options available to you to change your Firefox browser page. Explore the other options by clicking on the other menus.

Some Features Of Stratiform:

  • You can change the style of the toolbar buttons, icon buttons, tab buttons, add on bar, application button etc.
  • You can change the colour of the tabs, select different colours for active and inactive tabs.
  • You can adjust the size of the toolbar.
  • You can change the font of the tab.
  • Free of cost.
  • Simple to understand with briefs. You won’t have any problem in understanding the function.

Download this add on by either clicking on the link at the end of the article or go to Firefox add on page and search for this add on.

Concluding Remarks:

If you use Firefox for your browsing, you should download this add on to make your browser look more appealing. It gives you lot more freedom to customize your browser than other add on’s and extensions. Explore it out and see how it works for you.

Get the addon from here!

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