Cucusoft Net Guard: Free Bandwidth Monitoring Software

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Cucusoft Net Guard is a free bandwidth monitoring software to keep an eye on your internet usage, maximize the internet speed and also helps to eliminate any malware that is suspected to use your bandwidth. While using internet sometimes you might have noticed that the broadband usage is coming beyond the limits you are using it, or even sometimes it happens that you are not using internet but still there are some programs utilizing your broadband resulting in higher Broadband bills. Cucusoft net guard will let you know all these circumstances with your broadband and will help you to guard the broadband usage.

With Cucusoft Net Guard you can also get your monthly bandwidth usage report with all the details. Apart from providing all such facilities Cucusoft Net Guard is believed to be free from any kind of spyware, adware, malware, and virus. This bandwidth monitoring software gives all the details, as it includes a powerful Bandwidth Monitor and Bandwidth Meter which helps to find out if your bandwidth is being misused or not. With this bandwidth monitoring software, you can have full control over the applications you want to assign to broadband or not.

The Cucusoft Net Guard indicator appears like this:

cucusoft - Free Bandwidth Monitoring Software

Here, you can see the broadband details for today( the bytes uploaded and returned), total MB used, download size and the upload size of data for each site.

Features of Cucusoft Net Guard Free Bandwidth Monitoring Software:

  • A traffic limit for each month can be set.
  • Can terminate the suspicious program.
  • Can check the upload and download bandwidth usage.
  • According to the usage,  monthly usage of the bandwidth can be projected.

Download and Installation:

Cucusoft Net Guard is free to use and install. Download Cucusoft Net Guard and install it by just following the steps on the installation wizard. After the installation you will be prompted to enter the activation code for the product. For getting the activation code just enter the e-mail address and click on ‘Get the activation code in mail’. And you will get the activation code in just few seconds. Use that activation code to start using the Cucusoft Net Guard.

Final Verdict:

Cucusoft Net Guard is a very useful application to keep an eye on the broadband usage. The good part is that you don’t have to pay anything for using this bandwidth monitoring software. Also, it provides all the features that of a net protector. Download and try this free bandwidth monitoring software absolutely free. You may also try some other free software to know internet usage.

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