Free Software To Know Internet Usage

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Here are free software to know internet usage. These software are efficient and powerful enough to show you the accurate bandwidth used by you. We don’t realise the bandwidth consumed by us, which results in extra bandwidth consumption and of course extra internet bill payments.

So with the help of these free software you can easily know your internet usage. Some of these software also show you the internet speed. Download these software to know internet usage for free. Those tools are likely to help, specially when you are on a high speed plan with limited GBs to spend.


Networx is one of the best and free bandwidth monitoring software to know internet usage. With the help of this software you will come to know the accurate bandwidth you use and even shows you the internet connection speed. This software can be easily used on cable modems, dial-up, ADSL, and other connection types. This free software is capable enough to automatically send notification and disconnects the internet connection when the bandwidth limit is exceeded. This free software offers one of the easiest way to know internet usage by you.

Read more about Networx or try it out here.

TBB Meter

TBB Meter is another free bandwidth monitor software to know internet usage. This free software allows you to view internet usage of different times in a day. So you can view the amount of data sent or received by you over the internet. This bandwidth monitor software is extremely simple, easy to use and shows you the detailed daily, weekly and even monthly internet usage. You can even set alarms for not crossing your internet usage limit. Download TBB meter for free.

Read more about TBB meter or try it out here.

BitMeter OS

BitMeter OS

BitMeter OS is a free open source software to know internet usage. This bandwidth monitor software shows you complete details about the internet usage and connectivity is several ways. This bandwidth monitor can be used in 2 ways, web-based interface and command line interface. Web-based interface of this bandwidth monitor is easy to use and user-friendly. The interface includes a main window which shows you the uploading and downloading speed.

Read more about BitMeter OS or try it out here.

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NetStat Live

NetStat Live is a free software to monitor internet speed, but it also shows you the information on internet usage. This software works with inter connections like cable connection, DSL, local network connection, etc. Its main function is to monitor the internet speed, side by side it also allows you to know internet usage. This free software is light weight and takes very less space of your hard disk. As it’s a windows utility software, it works with almost all Windows version.

Read more about NetStat Live or try it out here.



Nettxrx is another one of the straight-forward software to know internet usage. This free software basically shows the network usage and shows you amount of data sent and received. It also shows you the CPU usage side by side with bandwidth usage. You can even view the bandwidth usage in the system tray of your computer with tray utility option. This free software also allows you to create bandwidth usage graphs for viewing changes in bandwidth usage.

Read more about Nettxrx or try it out here.

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